Overcoming Network Marketing Objections

man thinking about network marketing objectionsIf you are out there prospecting and talking to people about your business, you’ll have to learn how to deal with various network marketing objections.

Understand that objections are not necessarily a bad thing. They can be a good sign. If a prospect has no interest at all in your opportunity, at least for most, it’s easy enough to say no.

If they are raising objections and asking questions, they are still engaged with the idea of making money with your business, and are looking for additional justification to do something.

The best thing to do is keep in mind some of the most common reasons for network marketing objections, and be prepared to answer them when they come up. Many of these will come up over and over.

Here are some common causes for objections, and simple approaches to answering them.

Tight Budget and Limited Funds

Some prospects may be interested, but the cost of starting the business would be a serious stretch for them. They may hint at money being the issue without outright saying it, so be aware of this. The best thing to do in this situation is to show them how they can recover that initial investment quickly.

Many network marketing compensation plans now have “fast start bonuses” that are paid on initial purchases of products and prospecting tools. For example, show the prospect how they can earn $200 in bonuses right away, and cover their start up costs, by sponsoring just two people. Show them a plan for doing that (plus how you will help them get started successfully).

Lack of Sufficient Information

Many objections will simply be subtle requests for more information. Listen for “I’m not sure…” or “I don’t understand…” – things like that. Respond with “That’s a great question, and many people wonder about that.” Go on to give the information that satisfactorily answers the question for the prospect. I wish we all had a slick presentation video that would answer all questions, but as long as there are different people, there will be questions you wouldn’t have thought of in advance. Just listen for “need more details” cues.

Perceived Lack of Time

Many network marketing objections are centered around a prospect’s belief that they don’t have enough time to put into a home business. Be prepared to show them the simple things they can do in just a few minutes a day to get things going. This can be as simple as handing out informational brochures on the business and following up a day or two later. Prospects with time concerns need to see the simple things they can do in the beginning. Once they begin making money, time will become less of an issue. A time objection is often another way of asking “I’m busy, how do I build this business successfully?”

Difficulty Making Decisions

A surprising number of your MLM prospects will be people that are challenged with making decisions. When you sense this, ask them what information they need to make a decision one way or another. Then, set a time to follow up and if they are still not ready to commit, thank them and ask them to get in touch with you when they feel the time is right.

Some people will just have difficulty telling you “no”. Treat them as those who have difficulty making decisions. If they can’t seem to decide, just plan to stay in touch from time to time and move on.

There is good news about network marketing objections. As long as a prospect is voicing objections, they are mentally in the game. It’s when they turn away and just say “no” that you know the timing isn’t right for them. Always remember that some people have been burned in a home business before, or know someone who was, and they just need more details and justification to take the leap.

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  1. When I started with my network marketing business 14 years ago I was in a really bad financial situation. Working it into my budget was an issue but I knew it was a solution to our situation. The fast start bonuses really helped cover expenses as I started. There was a time issue too as I was building my business around my other jobs but as I was coming in contact with people, I took the opportunity to share and promote my business. Today I have time and financial freedom.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Melodie, your story is inspiring! It isn’t easy to build a business on limited time, around multiple jobs, and not to mention the pressure of financial stress. You have a great story to share with your prospects.

  2. Handling objections the right way is oftentimes difficult for some. But then we have to look at objections as information which we could learn. Great points Eldon. Thanks for sharing.


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