Questions to Ask Your Network Marketing Prospects

talking to prospects and asking questionsWhen you call your network marketing prospects and leads, do you ever struggle with what to say?

The usual approach is to strike up a friendly conversation, answer some questions about your opportunity, and begin building a relationship.

That’s great, but it’s helpful to have some things in mind to ask your prospects. The type of questions I’m talking about here will get them to think. It will also show them that you are not only serious about your business, but that you also have a genuine interest in them.

Showing that interest in them is very important. The average network marketer won’t try to engage prospects in this way, so you have an opportunity to make a tremendous impression and show leadership. Over time, as you get more comfortable with this, your sponsoring success with skyrocket.

Here are ten questions you can ask your network marketing prospects to open up a serious and revealing conversation with them.

1. Tell me a little about yourself – what is it about our opportunity that interests you?

2. Why do you want to have a home business?

3. How much would you like to make with your business your first year?

4. Where would you like to be, how do you see yourself in 3-5 years from now?

5. What do you feel are your main strengths and talents?

6. Do you consider yourself to be a good communicator?

7. What is important to you in a home business opportunity?

8. Are you a “people person”? Do you enjoy meeting new people and creating relationships?

9. Had you heard of our company before you saw my ad/link/blog, if so what is your impression of it?

10. What questions about the opportunity can I help you with?

You’ll notice that asking these types of questions makes it sound more like an interview than a casual conversation. If you feel uncomfortable with that, consider this.

Your posture when you talk to your network marketing prospects is very important. You don’t want to seem desperate or needy in any way – this turns good prospects off.

Think of it as choosing who you want to work with. Your posture should be that you don’t want to sign up anyone and everyone, but rather you are building a team of quality entrepreneurs and your time is valuable.

Enjoy your conversations with your prospects, and use questions like I’ve presented here to get to know them better and position yourself as a leader.


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