Frustrated With Posting Free Ads to Promote Your Business?

posting free adsAre you out there posting free ads to promote your home business?

I see a lot of people surfing the web looking for opportunities to make money.

They find a program that sounds appealing, buy in, grab some ad copy and banners, and start posting free ads everywhere possible. There are lots of free classified ad sites, traffic exchanges, and other places you can advertise your business opportunity for free.

A month or so later, reality sets in….they haven’t seen the sales expected (if any), and the excitement begins to fade. At this point a virtually endless loop can begin…

Find opportunity –> advertise all you can –> see little to no activity after a month or so –> Find opportunity –> advertise all you can –> see little to no activity after a month or so –> and on and on it goes.

Here is what gets a lot of people off track. They sign up, see testimonials about how others made x number of sales their first day or week, and they set that expectation for their own efforts. They see people saying they “did it all” just posting ads in Facebook groups or on free ad sites.

So, they’re off…posting ads, banners, and whatever else they can on these sites. All the while, they are hoping to see some fast sales or at least a few leads, to confirm their confidence in the opportunity.

When it doesn’t happen pretty soon…often after a month or even less…they figure it’s a loser and start treading the endless loop again.

Posting Free Ads – Putting it in Perspective

If this describes you, here are a few tips to help.

1) Look at the situation from the viewpoint of an opportunity seeker (the person you are trying to reach with your ad). Go visit a Facebook group where bizop ads are posted, or sign up for a free account with one of the better known traffic exchanges like HitSafari or Soaring4Traffic, and surf for a few minutes.

What you will see is tons of duplication. You will see the same lead capture pages over and over. This is why it can take so long to get a lead from your efforts – you are in there competing with many other advertisers at any given time. This duplication can help build familiarity and trust for an opportunity, though, and once a prospect has seen those same pages a few times they might be willing to check it out. Yours might be the next one they see, and boom you get that lead.

Tip – in online marketing and advertising, repetition builds familiarity and trust. Lots of people posting the same splash and lead capture pages can work to your advantage. You just need to keep posting everywhere you can and wait your turn.

2) When you surf the traffic exchanges or click links that take you to lead capture pages, you’ll notice that a few are designed with the advertiser’s picture and name on them. This is good, because it helps build familiarity and trust for you in the online community.

Yes, among thousands of others it will take time for people in general to recognize that they’ve seen your picture and ads before, but this is a form of personal branding and repetition is the key.

Tip – for at least some of your ads, use lead capture pages that feature a nice headshot of you along with your name. This can work out well for you long term. In general, the more often prospects see you, the more likely they are to check out your offer.

3) Know that whatever business opportunity you choose to promote, if you using resources like free classified sites and traffic exchanges, it takes time to build up “critical mass” and momentum. Remember, you are out there among thousands of others, and the system by nature discourages those who want fast results.

The key is being patient and consistent. Get those ads out every day. With posting free ads in particular, if you stop for a day most of your existing ads will scroll out of sight. You need to constantly re-post them as allowed. Keep yourself out there at all times and over time good things will happen.

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