Remember the Milk – Keeping Track of Your “To-Do” List

remember the milk helps you manage your to-do listKeeping track of everything we need to do is a challenge!

Network marketers and home business builders often have  more to keep up with than the average person, especially if they are working their business while holding down a regular job as well as managing various family responsibilities.

What is your style of tracking and keeping up with your “to-do” list?

The Note Scribbler

You keep up with tasks and reminders by scribbling them on sticky notes, or maybe by using a legal pad or notebook. You write things down as they occur to you, and organize them as best you can. Maybe you have one of those notepads you stick to your refrigerator with magnets. However you do it, it seems to work “okay” for you.

The Elephant

You have a great memory (at least you think so) and try to keep up with everything by simply committing it to memory. I’ve known a couple of people in my life who seemed to do well with this system, but for most of us, it’s very stressful because we forget things. There are few things more frustrating than trying to backtrack and take care of something you totally forgot about.

The Procrastinator

You don’t worry much about “to-do” lists. You just do what is most pressing at the moment and put everything else in the back of your mind until something forces you to think about it and do it. This approach is really hard on productivity, and tends to keep you scrambling to do things at the last possible moment. Very stressful.

The List Maker

You make lists on paper. Perhaps you start each morning by writing out your to do list for that day, and follow through until you get it all done. This works for many people, so long as you keep up with the list itself.

It’s best, I believe, to have some sort of organized system for scheduling tasks. Even better is having a system that can send you reminders and let you know when a scheduled task is overdue and perhaps forgotten.

About two years ago, I discovered a free web application called Remember the Milk. This application lets you manage your tasks and to-do’s easily, and is totally free (unless you want to use the smartphone apps, then there is a very modest yearly fee that is well worth it).

You can:

  • create your tasks and to-do’s in list form
  • enter your tasks and tag them (you can use a “task cloud” as a reminder tool as well)
  • receive reminders of pending tasks by email, text, and instant messenger
  • with an iPhone, Blackberry, Android or iPad you can download an application that syncs with the online database so your list (plus reminders) is always with you

The applications for the smart phones come with a paid membership that is very reasonable (one yearly fee). Otherwise, Remember the Milk is free and you can still get text reminders sent to your phone as part of the free service.

All in all, a lot of value in a free application. The “Pro” upgrade is $25 per year for the smartphone and iPad apps if you want them. Give it a try – it’s a great value either way.

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  1. FAscinating. I have never heard of this. Might give it a try. For now, I am a list maker! Blessings, Amy

  2. Remember The Milk is a great tool! Thanks for sharing! Karyn

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