Understanding the Value of Time

value of timeHave you thought about the value of time when it comes to building your network marketing or direct sales home business?

Many in network marketing and direct sales are building an income for their future while working a full-time job as well as managing family and other responsibilities.

Planning and setting aside time for home business activities is important, because in our busy lives it’s quite easy to put things off until later, or wait to take action at a “better time”.

I found this short video last night which puts an interesting perspective on the value of time and how quickly it can slip past us if we’re not careful.

Take a look and see what you think.

It’s not that I didn’t understand the value of time before I watched it, it’s just that this presentation makes it kind of sink in. I immediately thought about my own personal time management and how critical it is to stay on top of our most valuable asset – our time.

Here are some tips I use to help manage my own home business and network marketing activities. How you do it may be different. Please comment below and share with us how you make managing your time easier and more effective.

Here is what I do each week.

1) At the beginning of each week, I make a list (overview) of what I need to accomplish. This can include basic tasks such as “x number of followup calls to prospects” as well as activities like writing blog posts and articles to promote my business.

2) I look at my week ahead and plan the time slots I’ll be using to do these things. That will include morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend time where I will plan to work in my primary business activities around other responsibilities. Most weeks, these time slots are pretty consistent so this step is usually pretty simple.

3) I allocate tasks to the times when I am most effective doing them. For example, I typically blog in the early morning, when it’s quiet and I can have uninterrupted time. I will plan prospect calls mostly in the evening, when people are home from work. Other things fall in between wherever they fit best.

I know this sounds rather simple and basic, and it is! What helps me maximize the value of time here, though, is the PLANNING process I do. At one time, I would carry a list of things I needed to do for my business in my head, and when I could pick up some spare minutes during the week, I’d do something.

Just carrying my list of things I needed to do in my head didn’t work out very well. The reason? Tendency to procrastinate, get interrupted, just about any excuse you can think of. This is why I strongly encourage people I work with to decide what times they want to set aside for their business, and write out an action plan for that time.

I know we’re all busy, and sometime the best plan will have to be changed because “stuff” happens. To maximize the value of time that you do have, though, a plan and focus is essential. What are your thoughts?

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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