Your Home Business – Staying on Track Through the Maze

keeping focused on your home business goalsHave you ever walked into one of those big “superstores” with the intention of purchasing a certain item, browsed a few other products and special deals along the way, and ended up walking out of the store with everything but the one thing you went there for in the first place?

Sometime, efforts to build a home based business turn out like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re in network marketing, direct sales, or even selling products from an Internet storefront.

You may get started on a good path, then find it all too easy to get lost and distracted along the way.

Let’s take network marketing as an example. While browsing online, you’ll see a maze of choices and options for building your business. You may have already received excellent coaching and a solid action plan from your upline.

You may be on the right path. However, on any given day, you might see the following and more:

  • courses promising to teach you how to get endless MLM leads
  • membership sites implying that tools “on the inside” will explode your business
  • services that promise to take one article and turn it into 200 unique articles that will drive traffic to your website in droves
  • social “tribes” or “clubs” where members promote each others’ “stuff” so everyone gets more publicity
  • software that allows you to post content to hundreds of social media and networking sites with a few clicks of your mouse
  • a magic technique that an “unknown 26-year old network marketer used to become rich and financially free at 28″…or something like that…

This list could go on and on. The point is, getting on a proven path to success and then getting distracted and pulled off that path by “short cuts” that look promising is all too common.

It is one key reason that many people fail at network marketing, direct sales, or any other home business!

When you get distracted and start chasing all sorts of systems and solutions that promise to blast your business into the stratosphere, you begin losing energy. The consistent, focused effort required to build and make money with a home business disappears. You begin to go from tool to tool, looking for anything that will be the short cut to success you believe you need.

Let’s be realistic – there ARE tools, software, membership sites, ebooks, and so on that can help you build your home business. Some of them are really good and do work if used properly at the right time. The problem I’m describing typically hits people who either have no real action plan  in place, or those who believe there just might be a magic bullet out there somewhere that will make success come a lot faster.

The problem is: not maintaining focus. To make it happen, to achieve success in your home business, you must settle on an action plan and follow it. Period. It does take patience and focus to build a business, and frankly that is the hardest thing for many people. I know because I’ve been there myself.

If you’re in network marketing or direct sales, get with your sponsor and upline and make an action plan that fits your lifestyle and goals for your business. If you’re into affiliate marketing or some form of Internet marketing, settle on a plan for promoting your business and stick with it.

Give things a chance to work. Nothing worthwhile comes without patience and effort. Once you’ve established some success, THEN consider adding additional tools to your arsenal.

Avoid buying endless tools and books – take what you have now and make the most of it first.

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