SEO Strategies for Online MLM Success

online mlm strategiesOnline MLM success is dependent on getting the word out about your opportunity, and attracting potential prospects and customers to your website or blog.

The role of SEO (search engine optimization) strategies is getting visibility, and attracting as many qualified visitors to your MLM marketing site as possible. It’s about being found as often as possible when people “Google it” looking for a home business. You want most of your visitors to be truly interested in finding a home business opportunity, and getting found for the right keywords and search terms can accomplish that for you.

There are a lot of SEO, keyword research, and “boost your ranking” types of marketing tools out there. The demand for easy solutions that work quickly has made this type of tool very popular and in hot demand.

My purpose in writing this post is to warn you about the danger of getting too deep into all the SEO marketing hype and hoopla. There seems to be a constant stream of new, highly hyped SEO tools and other products designed to make it easier to find your opportunity blog or website in searches.

Let me emphasize this – as a marketer seeking online MLM success, SEO and getting found in Google will definitely be a key part of your strategy. However, it is very easy to get bogged down into the art and science of SEO, and it can quickly start consuming time that would be better spent actually working with people.

The best approach is to start out doing simple things that don’t take a lot of your valuable marketing time, and build up from there as you’re able.

If your online “home base” (where you send people to learn about you and your opportunity) is a company replicated site, you will have little to zero chance of being found in Google searches, ever. Keep this site and use it, but best bet, publish a WordPress blog on your own domain. This is the only way you can achieve any significant search engine presence.

Not long ago I put together a few simple seo tips that will help set a good foundation for your future SEO efforts. The tips are mostly related to “on page optimization”, which you have to get right before you spend time and money doing anything else. Start here and focus right now on doing your online MLM marketing through paid advertising and social media participation.

Effective SEO takes time and patience. The results are wonderful – you get free listings on the major search engines that can bring you plenty of prospects and leads over time. It’s just important to understand that it’s a process that you can’t rush.

There are people selling SEO solutions who will tell you their product will get you on page 1 of Google in 24-48 hours. Well, that IS possible, and it’s pretty easy.

To get ranked on page 1 of Google in 24-48 hours:

1) pick a “long tail” keyword that nobody is really optimizing for, i.e. “big money mlm in chicago“.

2) Write a blog post and put that phrase in the title, first paragraph, last paragraph, and about one more time around the middle in a typical 500 word post. Bold one of the phrases and underline or italicize another one.

3) Publish the post.

4) Use a social bookmarking/sharing service like Onlywire to publish the link to a couple dozen social media platforms.

If you blog has some age, good unique content, and good standing with Google already you can even omit that fourth step and rank on page 1.

But consider this….very few people will ever type in “big money mlm in chicago“, so being on page 1 for that term isn’t that big of an accomplishment.

Make sense?

For online MLM success, you want to create a solid foundation and work for long term stability and growth. Start out with simple SEO steps, and work hard at creating good content that attracts visitors. That’s where you start.

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  1. Dewane Mutunga says:


    You touched on the most important and most overlooked part of SEO strategies, finding great longtail keywords. It’s important to find keyword that is search a good amount of times but isn’t too competitive. Doing this helps ensure that you rank highly for the keyword.

    Great info here!

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