Social Media Marketing Levels the Playing Field

learning how to use social networking and media for home business promotionLet’s talk about social media marketing, a big key to home business success, and how it can help you grow your income and prosperity to whatever level you desire.

As I write this, we are moving into an unprecedented time of opportunity for all. The playing field has been leveled in such a way that success and prosperity is attainable by virtually anyone willing to learn what to do and do what it takes. Deep pockets, special influence – not necessary. You can be “you” and make it happen!

There is a fantastic and ever-growing trend out there that can literally take your network marketing, MLM, or direct sales business to the next level. No matter where you’re starting out now, you can master smart and effective networking and grow your business all the way to the top if you want to.

This is a trend that can no longer be denied or dismissed. This big trend is…effectively using social media and networking sites to brand YOU and attract prospects looking for the type of opportunity and services you offer.

For home business entrepreneurs involved in network marketing, MLM, or direct sales, the awesome potential here lies not in promoting a specific business or product, but rather in building your personal brand and establishing yourself as a leader. A source of knowledge and expertise. Someone people respect and have a desire to work with. A person they can relate to and team up with in some fashion to help achieve their own goals and dreams.

Online competition among home business opportunities for new recruits is intense. As you know, some people will say or do just about anything to get sales or sign-ups. If a prospect is seeking a home income opportunity and isn’t laser focused on what they want (and most are not), they will have to endure tons of hype and serious lack of substance while doing basic research on what’s out there.

Because of the overwhelming number of possibilities, plus the hype, many opportunity seekers are simply confused and blown away by all the choices. Your objective, as a network marketing or direct sales professional, is to attract these prospects and help them work through this jungle of opportunity. Ultimately, your goal is to help them discover whether your opportunity or product is the right match, and whether they will be a good fit for your team.

There are traditional ways that network marketers, MLM’ers, and direct sellers establish an online presence and attempt to build a profitable home business on the Internet.

Some of these traditional methods include:

  • building a website to promote your opportunity (either by name, or something generic if your company doesn’t allow their trademarks to be used in your online promotions)
  • using PPC (pay per click) and paid advertising methods to attract prospects
  • printing the website address on business cards and other promotional materials, and distributing all over hoping someone will visit your site or call you
  • purchasing opportunity seeker leads and contacting these people by email, phone, or postal mail

This traditional approach takes time and a reasonable investment of money to actually generate enough leads to matter. The competition for the opportunity seeker market is more intense now than ever. It is increasingly difficult to get the attention of enough of the “right” prospects using these methods, unless you have deep pockets with a lot of money to spend on advertising.

What if you are just starting out, and don’t have a big budget for building a home business right now? What if you’ve been in network marketing or direct sales for a while, have made some money and achieved some success, but need to take it to the next level?

Here is the secret. More and more, people looking for home business opportunities online are seeking “social proof” and justification when evaluating their options. They put much more weight on input from people they perceive as real. Hype, faking it, and trying to remain anonymous are out.

Consider these scenarios. Which source of information would you tend to trust and feel better about?

  • you search Google for a business opportunity, click on a link, and land on a slick website with lots of glowing testimonials and fascinating images of luxury cars, beautiful homes, and other signs of wealth and prosperity
  • you fill in a generic form to learn more about “making money from home” and receive calls and information from people you’ve never heard of promoting a variety of home business opportunities
  • details about a business opportunity offered by someone you see giving value and contributing to the social networking communities they are involved in

Promoting your home based business through social media is smart right now, and will become even more important and effective as time goes on. Social media and online networking is here to stay, and is growing at an explosive rate. Now is the time to get involved, if you haven’t already.

If you’re ready to grow your home business through social networking, and make a real impact, here are some important tips to remember.

1) Your aim is to promote yourself, not your home business opportunity directly. People looking for an income opportunity are wanting to connect with someone (a real person) who can help them get what they want – the benefits that a successful business brings.

2) Openly advertising and promoting your business in the social networks is destined to failure. You will be seen as a spammer. You must attract prospects through interacting with others and providing value to the social communities you visit.

3) You must position yourself as a leader and build trust. You do this by being genuine, not by trying to create a front that isn’t you.

4) When you join a social network, take time to observe how the community interacts before you jump in. Different groups have different conventions, just as in the offline world. What goes in one group might be unwelcome in another. Check it out first.

5) Remember that content makes the difference. What you write, your words and thoughts, your contributions that you post online tell the story. Are you helping and serving others? Are you providing encouragement and value to others?

Learning how to effectively use social media and networking opportunities to grow your network marketing, MLM, or direct sales business is critical to your success. The timing is right – get your presence and brand established now, so you can enjoy ongoing growth and success in your business as this trend continues to grow.

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  1. Great post Eldon,

    We really are in such an amazing time regarding the whole social media marketing game. It is a task to keep up to date with everything. Thanks for this post, fortunately blogs like yours are great for directing the trend.

    Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse! 🙂


  2. The keyword here is community! Without the right community, you will never feel comfortable enough to join an MLM, or attract people to you as a leader in an MLM organization.

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Aidan,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right on about it being a task to keep up with everything. It’s the technology for interacting online that changes so much, while the basics of just connecting with and appreciating people never change.

    Hi Andy,

    Agreed. I think a lot of people fall out of MLM and network marketing because they sign up but don’t feel really a part of anything. No community or support group to help them along as they gain confidence and begin building their business. That’s what we always need to remember.

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