Stop These Two Dream Crushers in Their Tracks

don't let dream crushers steal your dreamsDream crushers are out there hiding behind the scenes, just waiting for someone like you to inspire them to action.

You’ve started a home business because you have dreams. You have a vision of a better life that you want to create for yourself. You are willing to be reasonably content where you are right now, but you know there is more that you want, and you’re going after it.

When you decide to step out and become extraordinary, to reach out and strive for success over and above the norm, you become a target for dream crushers. If you’re prepared for them, you can overcome their negative influence and move forward unscathed.

There are two huge dream crushers to watch out for.

People Who Envy Your Success Will Try to Crush Your Dreams

As you are pursuing your dreams and striving to become financially independent, people who envy your ambition for success will do their best to convince you that you are stupid for trying it. Some will enjoy telling you stories about a friend or relative who lost thousands in a home business venture years ago. Others will feel self-enlightened and advise you to “wise up” because they want to protect you from failure. They want to be your savior.

Don’t worry about what people like this think. In many cases, they have long since lost all their own dreams and become bitter about it. Sadly, in many cases, bitter people have a deep down desire to spread and share their misery with others. Don’t let them! You’ll recognize this type of person right away. Understand that they may think they’re doing you a favor, but cheerfully and politely decline their assistance.

You May Crush Your Own Dreams

Starting a new home business, just like anything else new in life, will have definite ups and downs. There will be times when you’re overwhelmed with joy, and other times when it seems nothing is happening and all your prospects have gone  and signed up with someone else.

If you are the type of person who tends to get all worked up over temporary setbacks on your path to home business success, work hard to keep perspective. Be sure your goals are well defined, and keep your eyes focused on them all the time. This will help you get past the numerous bumps in the road that we all have.

If you find that you’re temperamental and prone to getting upset when things aren’t going well, work on keeping your cool and rolling with the flow. There is nothing wrong with getting upset sometime, who doesn’t,  just be careful not to let it take control of your business and cause you to lose momentum and focus.

The most successful home business people I know always seem to be on an even keel – it isn’t that they don’t have ups and downs like anyone else, it’s just they are either naturally calm and steady or have learned how to be. That’s important.

Hang in there and don’t let dream crushers take it all away from you. Hold on tight and continue the ride – you’ll be so happy when you start seeing those goals and dreams materializing right before your eyes!

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