The Heart of Your MLM Business

mlm sponsoringIf you’re preparing to start a network marketing or MLM business, or have already done so, it’s probably a given that your ultimate objective is to make money. Whether that means a full-time income to replace your job, or just enough to make a car payment, there is one thing you must master to make it happen.

Effective sponsoring is the heart of your MLM business. No matter how you look at it. All the business cards, brochures, web sites, Powerpoint presentations, and inspiring stories won’t matter unless you convert them into new people in your downline. Of course, in legitimate MLM opportunities, you can choose to make money through retailing the products. However, ultimately, the long-term income that keeps on coming in (residual income) is only generated through effective sponsoring and group building.

What separates the sponsoring pros from the rest of the pack? While there are lots of intangible factors, here are two things that really make a difference.

1) Sponsoring pros understand that a good prospect may or may not join their business today, or even next month. Sometime the timing isn’t right, and the prospect is not in the right position to make a strong run for success. The pros will keep in touch through occasional communication virtually forever, or until the prospect chooses to opt-out from further contact. The “rest of the pack” will often make one or two quick attempts to sponsor someone, then forget them and move on to other prospects.

2) Sponsoring pros understand that what the prospect wants from their business is what matters, and make an effort to help show how their business can help achieve individual goals and aspirations. The “rest of the pack” assumes that everyone has similar goals as them and makes little or no effort to find out what the prospect is looking for.

Sponsoring is the heart of MLM, because without it, at best all you have is a small retail or direct selling business. The key is to remember that each person you talk to about your MLM business is unique, and will have special reasons to pursue a home business opportunity. Focus in on their “why” and present your business with that in mind, and you’ll be much more effective in MLM sponsoring.

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