Two Keys to Your Growth and Success in Network Marketing

your keys to success in mlm and network marketingGrowing your network marketing business is your ultimate objective. Nobody really wants to build a business that peaks and stops growing, right?

Actually, there is a classic rule in business. Your business will never stay the same. It will either be growing, or declining. This isn’t just about network marketing and MLM, it applies to any type of business.

Growth requires change. Growth in business requires adapting to change. When the time comes for change and growth, many people rebel against it. It’s natural to desire a status quo, to find a comfort zone and stay in it.

Many people in network marketing find change difficult to deal with. I’m talking about the kind of change that takes you from one level to the next. For example, bearing down and learning how to effectively present your opportunity to more prospects. Rather than realizing that change and growth is an internal thing that might be temporarily uncomfortable but necessary for success, some networkers tend to look to things outside themselves for answers.

Sometime they want somebody upline or downline to make their business grow somehow. Sometime they begin to believe that the compensation plan is what’s holding them back. Maybe the products aren’t just right. Some begin to believe that external factors beyond their direct control (such as the economy) are the reason their success isn’t what it should be.

When you start thinking like this, it’s easy to  feel that a different opportunity, a more lucrative pay plan, or a better upline training and support system is the thing. This is why some people seem to jump around from one network marketing business to another, never achieving near their potential with any one of them, but always seeking.

Two keys to your growth and success in network marketing:

  • understand that growth requires change and adapting to change
  • understand that change and growth means stepping outside your comfort zone

Once you step outside that comfort zone, and do what you need to do, you actually get better and establish a new comfort zone! Always focus on what really drives your success – you.

It all works out. Just focus, adapt, grow, make it happen!

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