Two Simple Keys to Network Marketing Success

two keys to success in mlm network marketingWhat are the keys to network marketing success? Any networker desiring to make money will seek the answer to this, but many fail to find it, often because they try to make it too complicated.

Sure, there are many things that must come together for you to achieve prosperity with a home based MLM business. Your background, experience, attitude, outlook, and willingness to learn and venture outside your comfort zone all play a key role in your potential for success.

Lots of books, seminars, webinars, and courses have been published to help people achieve network marketing success.

Many have been put together by proven MLM leaders who have “been there done that”, and are excellent for in-depth study of various approaches and marketing techniques.

When you break it down to basics, though, there are some things that are evergreen and never change. Here are two simple keys to success in MLM and network marketing that always apply and help form a solid foundation for future growth and prosperity.

True Enthusiasm for Your Product

Your business lives and dies by your product. You have to love it, use it, and be enthusiastic about sharing it with others. I’ve seen a lot of people sign up for opportunities based more on the promise of making money than actual consideration of the product itself. Your product is the core. If you are only enthused about it because you see dollar signs, that will show through.

Professional, polished salespeople in traditional marketing can promote just about anything and make money, regardless of whether they personally like it and use it or not. Network marketing is different. You really need to have a passion for your product. In a business characterized by sharing products along with an income opportunity, you have to have that belief and passion.

Does the product you are currently promoting meet this test? Would you use and recommend it if there wasn’t money in it for you?

Willingness to Let Go and Be Coachable

This is big. So many people start a business, desiring to achieve network marketing success, but just flat out insist on doing it their way. This is fine if you’ve built a full-time income in MLM before, and know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s critical to be coachable and willing to let go of preconceived ideas of what will work and what won’t.

I remember a guy I enrolled about a year ago. He hadn’t made much money in MLM before (by his own admission) but he KNEW how to build his business. He proceeded to take some crazy risks (like sinking money into Google ads without knowing what he was doing). As it ended up, he failed and lost a lot of money. He wasn’t coachable, and didn’t want to learn proven success techniques for our business. He wanted to do it his way. Sad but true.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line, be certain that you truly believe in the product you are promoting. I know it gets repetitive, but it’s so important:

Ask yourself – would I use this product and recommend it if no income opportunity for me was attached?

And, be willing to learn. Don’t just go out and do what you think is right, work with your upline leaders and your group’s training and do what the successful people do. Take the fundamentals, apply your own personality and style, work hard and be coachable, and network marketing success will happen!

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  1. Hey Eldon! These are great tips! I agree with you on these 2 points, you really do have to have a passion for your company and products because it really shows through. That is also true that you need to be coach-able. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Angela, I highlighted these two points in an effort to keep things simple. No point in making something simple seem complicated and hard. 🙂

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