What Type of MLM Product Makes Sense?

mlm productI have always believed that the most important part of any successful MLM business is your MLM product line. This is the foundation of your business.

Compensation plans and how much money you can earn are very important as well, but honestly, what good is high payout or large upfront commission if the product itself doesn’t stack up for long term appeal in the market?

You can build an appealing income opportunity around a crap product, pour on some hype and smart marketing, and reps can make great money in the short run. In the long run, though, lots of people are hurt and their dreams are shattered when the whole mess collapses. If your business is not based around a solid product or service that people would purchase outside the compensation plan, beware.

That said, what type of MLM product makes sense as a foundation to build a solid and long lasting network marketing business on?

Here are the obvious things to look for:

  • consumable product
  • unique in the marketplace
  • price/quality appealing to retail consumers
  • no close equivalent readily available in stores

We all know these things make sense. Think about one other thing though – mass market appeal.

What is mass market appeal? Think about how many people are already using similar products, and how your MLM product stacks up.

Always remember, people want products that make them look good, feel good, have more energy, etc.

A good example is weight loss products. These have mass market appeal for sure, because out of every ten people you know it’s likely that at least 5-6 of them are interested in losing weight and feeling better right now. Whether they have the drive to get it done right now is another thing, but the interest is there for sure.

So, when evaluating network marketing opportunities, take a hard look at the product first. Look for mass market appeal – something that makes people look good, feel good, have more energy, things like that. Look for a product that people would likely purchase if it was on a retail store shelf and not part of any compensation plan.

Pick some MLM product winners that interest you, THEN proceed to check out the associated compensation plans and other factors that go into choosing a solid MLM network marketing business opportunity.

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  1. Hi Eldon,
    The product in your opportunity is important… actually most companies have good or excellent products…
    they need to if they want distributors to reorder,
    I find reason people do not succeed is because the marketing system used is not duplicateable.
    We need to make sure that we teach our people a system that anyone can use.
    Great post … thanks for sharing.

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