How to Be a Leader on the Social Networking Sites

being a leader on the social networking sitesAre you ready to use social networking to help promote yourself and your home business? If so, you have made a very wise decision.

Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are growing by leaps and bounds, and professional networks such as LinkedIn are also experiencing unprecedented growth. This trend will continue, so now is the time to get involved.

For anyone using social networking to promote a home business or network marketing opportunity, you want to be seen and respected as a leader.

Here are five important things to keep in mind that are crucial to your success.

  • Since you are in a “people” business, don’t use a fake name or alias – use your real name and create a meaningful profile for yourself. Fake names and thin profiles are the mark of spammers, and will often be recognized as such. Successful and respected leaders are open, ethical, and honest about who they are.
  • When discussing your business or industry, always take the high road and avoid trying to cut down or trash a competitor. All that does is leave a bad impression. Many amateur home business builders try to make their company or product look good by trashing their competition, and in the long run this will backfire. True leaders understand that you don’t build yourself up by tearing others down.
  • Do not openly and obviously advertise your products or opportunity  – this makes it look like you are participating just to sell something, and in some social networks can get you banned.
  • Be a contributor – look for opportunity to help answer questions or provide input that is helpful to a discussion. This is where you can really shine and show visitors that you are a true leader. Leaders demonstrate a willingness to assist and guide others who are seeking help.
  • Participate regularly and often – the more you show up, the better people will remember you and tend to look you up when they have an interest in what you are offering. You don’t have to necessarily participate in social networks each and every day (everybody needs a break sometime), but try to be consistent with whatever you do.

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