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eldon beard online home businessHello! This is Eldon Beard, and I appreciate you taking a moment to stop by.

Are you here looking for an opportunity to make money from home with an online business?

Have you heard stories about people who are building a very profitable business using the Internet as a tool, and are looking for a strong and dedicated team to help you do that?

The Internet can be a vast, lonely place if you’re an online entrepreneur trying to draw attention and find prospects for your business. You are just one out of millions online that are promoting a home business or some type of product or service. Your challenge is to first attract attention, then differentiate yourself so that you stand out from the crowd and become memorable.

There are three things that MUST be in place to be successful and make money with any online business.

You have to set yourself apart from all the other people out there who are trying to promote and recruit prospects for their business…

You have to attract prospects who are open and looking for opportunity to make money from home…

You have to follow up and build rapport with prospects, including those who aren’t quite ready (things change)…

Go to Google and pretend you are looking for a home business opportunity. Type in some search terms you might use if you are looking to make money from home, and visit some of the sites that come up. You’ll notice that many are company replicated sites (like hundreds or thousands of other people in that opportunity have) that do little to set the owner apart from all the others.

Or, you may notice that some people have their own websites or blogs, but the focus is on selling the opportunity and all the hype and promise seems…well…a bit phony.

Money talks, and people looking for online income opportunities are certainly motivated by how much money they can make, the nice trips to exotic vacation resorts they can earn, and other perks. However, most good prospects (the kind you want to sponsor) need something more.

stand out from the online mlm network marketing crowdYour prospects need to know why you (and your team) are different from everyone else, and how you can help them achieve their goals and dreams. They need good reason to sign up with you, instead of someone else.

Let me tell you a little more about me. I started my first network marketing business online back in late 1990 – this was before the Internet as we know it now with all the nice blogs, websites, graphics, and multimedia presentations. It was really the “wild west” for network marketing and direct selling entrepreneurs.

Working with online communities like CompuServe and Prodigy, I built a nice residual income and won top sponsoring awards with the company I represented. And, I did it by sponsoring people who came to me very interested and in many cases ready to join my opportunity. It was basically “attraction and relationship marketing” before people called it that.

No cold calling, arm twisting, or hard selling. Would this interest you?

As a member of my online business success team, we can help you:

Help you build your online presence, establish your own personal brand, and show you how to offer value to prospects which is so crucial to success online.

Use relationship and attraction marketing to make a positive and lasting impression on your prospects and business partners.

Use Internet and social media marketing strategies to attract visitors who come to you looking for information and opportunity.

Help you get a lot more quality leads for your MLM network marketing business.

I would love to help you create your own online business success story, if my opportunity and team are a good match for you.  Check out our initial presentation here to get a feel for what we do.

Meantime, here are three ways I can help you right now:

1) Enjoy these tips for building your home based business like a pro, and please comment & share if they help you:

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