HBS 025: What it Takes to Make Money Online

what it takes to make money online

Mission…Passion…Method…Will of Steel

What it takes to make money online….it really isn’t a big secret, but so many people miss it.

This is my first podcast since last August. Quite frankly, I got involved in other projects and put my podcast on the backburner. I never intended it to go this long without publishing, but it happened. On the positive side, I’ve had some time to reflect and decide what direction I want to take this so that is a good thing.

I have worked with so many people who struggle to make any money online. I see what they are doing, and realize at one time I was doing the same things (and not finding success, either).

My mission now is stronger than ever – to help you make money online, overcome obstacles to doing so, and discover different ways to get the word out about your product or business opportunity.

Making money from your laptop, sitting on a beach somewhere, is the picture that is often painted. It is very attractive, but at the same time VERY elusive for most. Why? Because something is missing. It usually isn’t intelligence or ability, but certain mental factors that come into play. Your job is to get certain things lined out mentally, then you can proceed to find the success and income you are looking for.

In this podcast, we will explore….

  • what your “mission” is and it’s more than just writing out some “why’s” and such as that
  • the true meaning of “passion” and what it has to feel like in order to help you at all
  • why a firm and focused “method” is huge and why you cannot succeed without it
  • the “will of steel” – what this means and the vicious trap that many online marketers fall into

As always, I will appreciate your feedback, either here or privately!

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