Five Tips for Home Business Success

five ways to help ensure home business successThere is a lot of coaching and training out there that teaches basic principles of how to achieve home business success. This type of teaching is generic, and applies to whatever type of home business you choose.

It’s interesting to study how different authors and speakers get their point across, because one might convey a thought or principle in a way that has great impact when you hear it, while another may make essentially the same point but it just doesn’t resonate with you.

There are five principles for home business success that are pretty common in all the teaching and training that I’ve seen. I believe that getting these five in line sets the stage and lays the foundation for your future prosperity.

Carefully Define Your Goals

This goes without saying – if you don’t have a  strong “why”, along with written goals that clearly define your business objective, it will be all that much harder to achieve home business success. I’m not talking about vague desires, like “I want to make a lot of money“, but rather very specific statements of what you’re shooting for. By the end of May, 2012, I want to be earning a net income of $5000 per month with my home business.

Create Your Action Plan

We’ve all seen people who seem to just go out and start “doing stuff”, and somehow manage to make money from home. There are those rare gifted individuals who seem to fly by the seat of their pants and make it. The reality is, though, that they had a plan even if it was only in their head. Most of us need more organization than that, so a clear action plan, a road map of how you’re going to achieve your home business goals, is a must.

Be Diligent and Enforce Priorities

Life is very busy and there are always reasons and excuses to get sidetracked away from the essential actions required for your home business success. If you don’t establish your priorities and stick to them, it will be very easy to procrastinate and do things that aren’t productive. Things that won’t make money for you. Set priorities for your action plan and stick to them.

Hang Out With Positive and Successful People

If you can, join a “mastermind” group of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is a fantastic way to keep yourself charged with fresh enthusiasm and ideas. Just being around, and associating with, motivated and driven home business entrepreneurs can have a very positive effect on your business. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Eliminate Unnecessary Negative Influence

Finally, try to avoid associating with people who are negative or critical. Some people go so far as to suggest you drop your friends who are like this. I don’t encourage dumping a friend – you can always hope your great attitude will rub off on them someday (hopefully!), but I do suggest not hanging out regularly with people who are negative and drag you down. There has to be balance here, just do the best you can.

Home business success is a combination of many things, but these five tips can help you set a solid foundation for making it happen.

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    I really like the part of your post where you describe how important it is to define goals. I work from home and in the evening I make a plan the night before , so I have my priority’s planned and organised before I start to work.

    It is a balancing trick to manage the distractions which we all have to deal with in a day to day.

    I will be back to your blog. All the best Rosemary

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Rosemary, calling it a “balancing trick” to manage distractions is a great way to put it. It does take discipline and skill, but it sure does pay off!

  3. Matt Findley says:

    Hi Eldon! Great home business success tips, thanks for sharing. 8)

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