Five Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

repurpose your blog content for maximum online exposureIf you’re frequently posting good content to your home business blog, don’t let it stop there. You’ve already invested significant time creating this quality blog content, so why not re-purpose it and let it drive even more traffic to your blog?

If you blog content is enlightening, educational, or entertaining (not just about your opportunity) then it can be re-purposed and made to work many times harder for you.

Here are the five simple ways to take your initial content and convert it to another format so you can share it in many different places.

Submit to Article Directories

Even though article directories in general took a hit with the last Google update, it is still good to post content to the top directories, such as Ezine Articles. Backlinks from articles may not be as powerful in helping your search engine ranking as they once were, but the object is for people to read your article and click the link to visit your blog for more information.

You can post your content just as is (without rewriting it) to Ezine Articles, for other directories I suggest submitting variations (use simple article spinning techniques).

Record a Video

Take the topic of your blog content and record a video of you talking about it and explaining in detail. This is a good opportunity to help build your credibility and reputation, as video is powerful. You can share to YouTube and other video sites.

Create a PDF

Convert your post into PDF format (you can do this in Microsoft Word if you have the Adobe PDF program, or use an online conversion utility) and post to directories that accept PDF content. Scribd is a good place to start.

Create an Audio MP3

An audio of your content, perhaps with more depth than the written blog content, is powerful because if your topic is interesting people will listen and remember you more. Different people favor different ways of gaining information and knowledge.

For example, I prefer to listen to an audiobook, rather than sit down and read the physical book. Take advantage of this by re-purposing your content in this way. You can take this audio and create a podcast that you can upload to Itunes and many other sites.

Here is a good, basic introduction explaining how to create a podcast.

Create a Camtasia Presentation

Finally, if your blog content is teaching how to do something, you can create a PowerPoint presentation and convert to video with Camtasia Studio or a similar screen capture program. Upload this to video sharing sites, and you have yet another way to reach people with the same content, just formatted in a different way. You can take the PowerPoint presentation itself, or the Camtasia video you create, and publish to Slideshare as a good starting point.

A key to success with this is adding some meat to the presentation when you share in audio and video formats. For example, if you just read your blog content when you make an MP3 audio, you will have succeeded in re-purposing that content BUT it will be much more interesting if you add more illustrations and examples. What might take a 2500 word article (much too long for a blog post) can be done in a video or audio presentation fairly easily.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. I haven’t posted anything in ezine for a while but I was under the impression that their requirement was that an article be totally unique. Am I wrong?
    Keep the Smiles,

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Steve, you are correct, they do want you to submit unique content written by you. However, at one time they clarified that they welcomed people submitting unique content from their own blog. They even provided a WordPress plugin to help with this.

      One reason for this is that they knew, in most cases, that the article would rank higher in Google on THEIR site since it had higher authority than most personal blogs. It was win-win in a way – your post could rank high in Ezine whereas it might not rank at all if posted only to your blog. At least until you got some authority established.

      Now, since Google’s famous Panda update, it may not make as much sense to post the same article from your blog to Ezine from an SEO standpoint. Ezine lost some authority. However, I still suggest submitting to them for the human traffic that might read your content there.

  2. Dewane Mutunga says:


    I just recently started looking into repurposing my content and I’m not sure why I never thought to do it before. It just make so much sense and it makes your content stretch and reach more channels and people.

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    You’re welcome Dewane!

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