How to Stretch Your Blog Content

stretch your blog contentWant to learn how to make your blog content stretch?

One of the main ways that anyone promoting a home business gets found online is content. Blog posts, articles, videos – each piece of content you put out there somewhere serves as a pointer back to your blog or website, and it works for you 24 hours a day.

The big challenge for most bloggers and marketers is getting enough content out there to make a difference. You can’t just post a handful of articles or videos and expect a dramatic increase in the number of people who find you and your home business online.

Just imagine the millions of pieces of content out there, just in the home business niche. It’s massive. To even come close to making a dent and being found in this glut of information, you have to start by promoting each piece of content you create as many different ways as you can.

Somehow, you need to find some way to magically multiply your content and figure out how to make your blog content stretch as far as possible.

Here is how to make your blog content stretch and turn one topic into multiple ways for prospects to find you. Doing this, and then promoting each piece of content for search engine love, will get you found above all the noise.

How to Make Your Blog Content Stretch

1) Write a good, 500+ word article that answers a question for your prospects or addresses a hot topic that they might discuss (check forums and social media discussions for ideas). If you are a network marketer, for example, check the MLM forums and see what topics and issues people are discussing, and what’s hot.

2) Post that article to your blog and publish it to Facebook and Twitter (at a minimum). Use the Facebook application “Networked Blogs” to do this automatically for you. Use other content distribution software like Unique Article Wizard to push your content out there even more.

3) Submit the article to Ezine Articles and other directories. If you are writing a good bit and want a more automated way to accomplish this, Submit Your Article might be a good solution for you.

4) Submit the article to popular sites in your niche. For example, for network marketers, and both accept articles with good content.

4) Create a short video on the topic and post to YouTube – make sure your YouTube settings post it automatically to Facebook and Twitter also. Make sure you have a link back to your blog as the first part of your description, along with keywords closely related to your content.

Also, consider whether you can break the content of your article into more than one short video (with each one being a complete thought or idea that will stand alone)!

These are just a few ideas, but I think you get the picture! Quite a bit of this process can be automated, leveraging your time quite effectively.

Learn how to make your blog content stretch and you multiply your online presence and brand many times over!

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