Home Business Tip – Are You Being Genuine and Real?

home business tipToday’s home business tip is about how you present yourself to prospects and potential customers. There is a lot of training and teaching on how to “posture” yourself for success, but there is something here to think about.

Are you being authentic and genuine as you go about promoting your home business to others? Are your potential customers and prospects seeing the “real you”, or someone you are pretending to be? Because building a home based business requires you to interact and work with other people, being yourself is the best advantage you can have over your competition. Too many people try to copy how the home business “superstars” act and talk, and often rather awkwardly at that.

Let’s take network marketers as an example. Network marketing is a people business. The life and growth of your business depends on attracting people who are seeking opportunity, sponsoring them into your business, and working with them as a team.

You want to know the truth? Your prospects out there aren’t as focused on judging you by how much you appear to make or how successful you appear to be. These things might be interesting, for sure, but people are looking to work with people who are sincere, passionate, and real.

It’s important to be yourself and establish your own credibility and authority from the beginning. You may not be making much money yet, nor be an expert on all things MLM, but you do have a lot to offer. If you are excited and committed to your business, right away you have something of value to others – your support and encouragement to new team members who join you.

There is no-one like you. You will attract people to your business that I can’t. I will sign people up that you won’t. The reason is our differences – what makes us unique also enables us to attract others by being ourselves. Being genuine. My approach and style will resonate with some people, and yours will be more appealing to others. But through it all, other people can tell if we are being real, or pretending.

This is especially important if you are using social networking sites like Facebook to make friends and build relationships. Honestly, it’s pretty easy to spot people who are living out the “fake it till you make it” philosophy. On the Internet and in social networking communities, it’s easy enough to pretend you are an expert. You can pretend that you are making lots of money and sponsoring people right and left, but ultimately people can just sense if you aren’t being real.

Just be yourself. Be committed, enthusiastic, and happy about whatever you do, and people will want to work with you! No pretending or faking it necessary. It’s great (and advisable) to work hard to learn the success secrets of the superstars, but the key to making this work is to take those secrets and apply them in YOUR own style and manner.

This is the gist of today’s home business tip – don’t try to copy and be someone you aren’t. Find out what the leaders and stars do, apply good success techniques that you learn, but be yourself and put the best of YOU out there. That’s what makes it all happen.

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  1. Hey Eldon

    What a great article. I think too often people try and imitate someone else who have achieved success. We are all unique and individual and that is what we should be putting across in our business. Sometimes it takes a fair bit of working on your confidence, but the rewards are there for those who are themselves.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Anthony, appreciate you stopping by!

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