How to Attract Readers to Your Home Business Blog

home business blogAre you publishing a home business blog to build your brand and attract visitors and potential prospects for your product or opportunity?

Let’s say you’re consistently blogging and writing articles in order to bring traffic and attention to you and what you have to offer.

Problem is, you may have come up with lots of topics to write about, but are people actually going to read what you write? Are your posts and articles going to build your brand and attract the visitor and prospect that you’re looking for?

Many bloggers and writers go down the wrong path here. They kind of take a guess at what they should write about, or focus just on what they feel most comfortable with. Nothing wrong with writing in your comfort zone, so to speak, but there may be a problem if you always do this. Your content may not be broad and appealing enough to reach the majority of your intended audience.

The challenge is discovering what people are looking for. There is a classic rule of thumb that goes like this:

The best content is one of three E’s – enlightening, entertaining, or educational to your ideal visitor or prospect. Building your content around these three E’s is the key to attracting the people you want to work with or do business with.

Here are some general guidelines that can help you. Think about these things when you are creating the content for your home business blog or articles.

There are four things that people in network marketing or any home business are always interested in:

1) Solutions to a specific business challenge they have.

If you are writing to network marketers, this could be many different things.

  • how to overcome fear of making phone calls
  • how to approach people you don’t know in a relaxed and non-threatening way about your business
  • how to get more leads
  • how to work through discouragement
  • how to stay “up” when a prized prospect doesn’t sign up, or someone you put a lot of faith in quits

2) General information that they can learn and use to move their business forward.

This can focus on things like creative ways to maintain a positive attitude or specific ways to organize your business activities to make maximum use of time.

For network marketers, you could discuss great opening lines, or models for creating an attention grabbing response when someone asks them what they do.

Or, you could go into new approaches to social media marketing that can help drive more traffic to your home business blog or website. How to prospect on Facebook without getting rejected. There are lots of possibilities.

3) Something that will move your readers emotionally and make them feel good.

This could be anything motivational and positive, success stories that you know, upbeat and uplifting stories about people who achieved success against all odds, things like that. Here you are looking to provide inspiration, hope, and encouragement to your readers.

4) Something that will make them laugh and relax, that they will share with their friends.

This is where your creative side will come forward. You can share anything that is funny or different (it doesn’t always have to be strictly business related). This is the type of content that can go viral and potentially spread your link around in many different places where it wouldn’t otherwise appear.

These four approaches to creating blog and article topics typically work well, consistently. Always think in terms of “what answers and solutions are people in my niche looking for….and how can I provide them”.

Let’s add a fourth “E” – focus on ENLIGHTENING, ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL, and ENCOURAGING. Keeping this in mind will help make any home business blog content you put out there, as well as your articles, more magnetic and appealing to the people you are trying to reach.


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  1. This is a very helpful tips! Well in attracting some audience we must always write an interesting topic so that they will not get bored on reading. Sometime making some useful yet enjoyable article makes our reader more willing to read some of our content.

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