How to Get the Most From Online Marketing Training

online marketing training courseHave you ever purchased some sort of online marketing training course, went through it, but not got the value from it that you hoped?

I’m talking about any course that is designed to teach how to market something on the Internet. It can be your network marketing business, or maybe affiliate programs you promote, just about anything

The fundamental structure of these courses is similar – multiple modules or sections aimed at teaching a specific group of skills. These can be videos, Powerpoint presentations, or any combination of multimedia that outlines a course of action for marketing or selling something online.

Let’s use this as an example. Say you paid $297 for a course that teaches you how to create a blog and promote your brand and opportunity online. The course consists of eight modules, beginning with setting up your blog. As you advance, you get more online marketing training related to promoting your brand through social media, search engines, press releases, and other proven methods.

At this point, you have access to the full course and a ton of information at your fingertips. It’s exciting because you feel like this just might be what makes the difference in your business and your life. And, it might be!

Here is where you can do something different that makes your training more effective. Most people tend to go through the entire course, take notes, and sort of create a mental action plan along the way. At the end of the course, with all these notes and your head bursting with great ideas, what happens?

Wham! Overwhelm! You have SO many great techniques and ways to improve your online marketing that you don’t know where to begin. In the beginning you could see a path, now it’s like there is so much to do all at once.

Here is how I recommend getting the most from any online marketing training you purchase or participate in. I learned this because I used to be the “note taker” and found when I finished courses I just didn’t know for sure where to start in applying all of it.

As you begin the course, there will be definite concepts and action steps you learn in each module. Many people try to get through the entire training before taking action, so that they have some sort of “overview” that would seem logical and helpful before beginning. Don’t worry about that, just get started!

You will find it much easier to absorb and master what you are learning if you take it a bit at a time. Many of the online marketing training courses I’ve seen are first presented live as webinars about a week apart, then are packaged and sold as complete courses that you can go through at your own pace.

I strongly recommend that you take each module of any course you work through and apply the action steps and principles before you move to the next module. This is how most of these trainings were designed, to be absorbed one at a time with ongoing application. This makes everything easier to learn. As you move forward, you are building on concepts that you have actually practiced or implemented, and everything just makes more sense this way.

Next time you do some online training that is broken into parts like this, focus on completing and taking action as you go along. Don’t worry about the overview and wait until the end. You’ll get far more out of it this way.


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  1. I have had that happen where I took a course and I got overwhelmed. I remember when I took Yanik Silver’s Ultimate Copywriting course. Whew! There was a lot in that course. Thankfully there were videos to replay. That’s what I like about taking courses online. Usually you can go back and listen again. 😉

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Yes – I agree. I wrote this post from personal experience. I’ve done the “overview” thing and went through hours of training and taking notes, only to find in the end that I felt overwhelmed. So much better to slow down and implement what you learn as you go along.

  2. I fell into this idea a couple of years ago and it have been priceless. The quote “money love action” comes to mind when I read “just get started!”

    Initially I was taking an online course around web graphics, it was something I didn’t know very well. In the beginning the concepts seemed so easy I figured I had just better get started. It made such a difference, because I had been applying the knowledge I started asking very different questions. This took my understanding to an even better place.

    As I was able to reap so many benefits from that course I have continued that process of “just get started!”. In fact on the last course I participated in I would do some of the work right then and there on the call! 🙂

  3. Hi Eldon,
    this [piece of advice is valuable not only for a course but alos on how to manage all the information the internet offers today for one single project.
    For example I am working on list building now and I feel Ican write a course on all the stuff Ihave learned.
    Now which of the startgies I will use is still something Ill need to figure out.
    Overwhelm needs to be managed eating the elephiant one pice at the time being sure we fully understand what we do and why we do it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    As an online marketer trainings are very important because it will add more knowledge and experience about online marketing. This post is timely and thanks a lot for sharing this!

  5. this is a very helpful tips! Training is very important in terms on any business. Since help us build are very own knowledge through online.

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