Is Procrastination Delaying Your Home Business Success?

don't let putting things off destroy your chances for home business successAre you a network marketer or direct sales entrepreneur striving for home business success? Are you really excited about your business but it just isn’t moving along as fast as you’d like?

Do you find that you often put off important tasks you KNOW you need to do?

Do you have big dreams and goals, but find yourself fooling around when you know you should be working or doing something to build your business?

If so, you are most likely guilty of procrastination.

Procrastination is a very bad habit that can cause you to be unsuccessful in business and life, and it can create more stress in your life than you might imagine at first. It is self-destructive and crippling.

Here is a short video I found recently that illustrates this pretty well.

If you’re building a home business, and feel like you’re motivated but still find yourself putting off important things you know are critical to your success, it could be caused by underlying fear of failure and rejection. Many people start a network marketing business but don’t have the confidence to talk to others and promote their opportunity, because they are afraid of what might happen if they do.

Of course, the worst thing that could happen is someone might laugh and say “no”. That doesn’t feel good, and nobody likes it, but it’s something you must get past and learn to ignore if you want to be successful and prosperous.

How do you get out of this habit and get on track? Here are some things I’ve found helpful.

Just Get Moving

With the help of your upline leaders or mentors, create a plan of action and then get started with it, now. Don’t take the plan and try to tweak it or get certain things just right before you start.Over-planning and excessive preparation has killed the enthusiasm and momentum of many home business entrepreneurs.

Just dive in and be open to making mistakes and learning from them. I don’t care how much you plan and prepare, you will still make mistakes. You can plan hours a day for a year, then get started, and you’ll still make mistakes. Don’t sweat it.

Be Decisive

There will be many times when you know you need to do something that is in line with creating the home business success you desire. This could be something like scheduling time to sit down and call your latest prospects and leads. Inside, you might feel yourself churning because you know you need to get it done but you also have a certain comfort zone that is begging you to wait.

Fear will make you want to think “uh….well it’s late and I hate to bother people after supper time because they might be busy or maybe they go to bed early…so I’ll wait and do this at a better time tomorrow“…or whatever. You’ll know, deep inside, that this is wrong when you’re thinking it. Be decisive, sit down in a quiet place, and get it done.

Don’t let putting things off keep you from achieving the home business success you deserve. When you experience it, you’ll recognize it. Do all you can to overcome it. It will make a huge difference in your life.

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  1. Hey Eldon! This is a great post! Procrastination can really hold people back from all they can achieve. I love the tips you give here. I like the tip especially about being decisive. Thanks for sharing!

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