Is the Concept of “Don’t Give Up” Overworked a Bit?

drive for success in network marketing and home business- never give upYou see an awful lot of motivational material and training on the subject of “don’t give up”. This is the act of deciding what you want to achieve, then following your dream and making it happen no matter the obstacles.

You hear this so much, is it possible that the idea is overworked? Can it possibly be overstated?

I came across a web page this morning that had a long list of people who overcame incredible odds and achieved success despite discouragement and (often) a lack of substantial support from others.

At first glance, I almost yawned because it started out with the same classic cases I’ve seen so many times.

  • the trials and tribulations of Abraham Lincoln
  • how Winston Churchill overcame adversity and refused to give up

However, as I continued reading down the page, I saw many people highlighted that I’d read about, but never realized some of the things they overcame in their path to success in what they chose to do. After initially questioning and wondering if the idea of “don’t give up” is terribly overstated, I came to quite a different conclusion.

All of us in network marketing or any other home based business need encouragement and inspiration as we go along. In any business, there will always be obstacles and challenges to overcome. Sometime, it might seem like these hurdles are just too high, maybe just a bit out of reach.

Often, though, our challenges aren’t nearly as formidable as we imagine. Sometime it takes perspective – looking at adversity and achievement through the eyes of others who have overcome terrible beginnings and constant attempts to put them down.

Here is the page I’m talking about – take time to read through all of these. All the points are brief, but have significant impact. I came away refreshed and ready to roll. I believe you’ll come away refreshed as well, and further inspired to achieve greatness in whatever you desire!

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