Don’t Let Fear and Hesitation Hold Your Business Back

overcome fear and hesitationToo many people in network marketing and direct sales let fear and hesitation hold them back from ever achieving what they started their business for in the first place. This is often centered around a fear of rejection or embarrassment. Whatever the reason, this lack of confidence can hold your business back and cause you to never experience success that you are perfectly capable of achieving.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Not long ago, I finished listening to the entire 24 hour audiobook version of the biography of Steve Jobs. Jobs was an entrepreneur, visionary thinker, and a good example of what many would call a “free spirit”. He had a vision and dream for his life, and did what it took to achieve it. He overcame many obstacles because he was driven to succeed. Failure was not an option.

I can’t say that his life was perfect, because it wasn’t. Like all of us, Steve Jobs had his own personal challenges and issues, but he didn’t let them stop him from living his dream.

I recommend anyone with a desire to build a strong and profitable business in network marketing or direct sales to read this book. Or, if you are like me, you might prefer to listen to an audio version while exercising or working around the house. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the high tech world that Jobs worked in, there are significant lessons about business (and life) to be enjoyed here. I appreciate Ray Higdon for blogging about this book, because it is his post that inspired me to check it out.

Below is a video of Steve’s commencement address at Stanford University in 2005. It is 14 minutes long, and worth every minute. This is some great insight. His “third story” is especially thought provoking.


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  1. Lynda Cromar says:

    Eldon you are so right! I can’t imagine where I would have been if I really gave into my fears. And I actually had a feeling for a while like demons were attacking me, the fear was that intense. But I did overcome it and now I find it pleasurable to build my business! Whatever the fear, it can be overcome!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Lynda, overcoming that fear can be very challenging. I’m afraid too many people just give in and give up, which is so sad. I’m glad you faced and overcame yours!

  2. I’ve seen this video several times, but it never ceases to touch me so thanks so much for sharing it Eldon. Terrific message and a great way to end the day 🙂

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Marquita, I learned a lot about Steve Jobs after reading his biography (actually, I listened to it in audiobook form). Quite a lot of inspiration there for anyone in business.

  3. Eldon

    I never know about Steve Except that it was a Student that create the apple Computer .

    After his death i learn more about him and he also give me hope after i did listen to the video on
    your blog. he is a great example for every one that have dream and goals in life.

    NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS !!!!!! that is the bottom line for people that have dreams.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Same here Theuns, I didn’t know that much about Steve Jobs until I saw someone I respect recommend his biography. Although long, I found it to be very interesting and I gained a lot of insight from it.

  4. Great share Eldon. I really think fear is the no.1 thing that stops so many of us achieving our potential. I really had to blast through some barriers to start living the life I want to live. V inspiring and RIP Steve Jobs.

  5. Hi Eldon, Thanks for sharing this great video and for making some really important points about not letting fear and hesitation hold you back from being successful in your business. I used to work a job that I was not passionate about and it made me unhappy. Once I stepped out on faith and decided to pursue my dream for my life I have been flying high even when I face challenges.

  6. Fear is an excuse. You cannot grow as a person if you do not learn from your experiences. I get a lot of clients who fear doing something with their business and have to assure them that what they decide is not set in stone. You can always re-plan and start again, only more wiser the next time around.

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