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always be a student - learn and earnHave you ever known anyone who seems to have all the answers, doesn’t accept guidance well, and in general just doesn’t seem to keep up with the times? If you do, remember them and strive to be just the opposite in your own life.

People with a “know it all” mentality may experience success to a degree, but will never achieve all they are capable of. Reaching success in a network marketing business is within the reach of just about anyone, if they are willing to cultivate a certain attitude.

Outstanding leaders and money earners in network marketing home business ventures have two things in common.

  • they are always learning and open to coaching – they never feel they know everything there is to know
  • they strive to master proven methods for network marketing success and prosperity

Keeping a “student mentality” is so important to your personal growth in this business. If you ever reach a point where you feel you “know all you need to know”, you are going to be in trouble. Even the top network marketing pros keep learning and moving forward. This is one important attitude that enables them to become top leaders.

Keeping up with the network marketing industry is one key way you can learn and grow, because you will hear of others’ experiences and can apply them to your life and business. You’ll also be more informed and ready to discuss things your prospects have read and heard about.

You can keep up with the industry by visiting active network marketing and MLM message boards from time to time. You can also set up Google Alerts for various  topics, and receive summaries of new blog and site posts as they occur.

Go to and create some alerts under common keyword phrases like “network marketing”, “MLM business”,  “your company name + opportunity”, and similar topics. You will get daily emails with links to news and updates about what’s new on these topics.

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