HBS 001: Welcome to the Online Home Business Success Podcast

home business successWelcome to the Online Home Business Success Podcast!

Here is my “official” description of the show, to give you an idea of what the focus will be.

In this podcast, Eldon Beard, online business entrepreneur, shares proven strategies for success with online MLM, network marketing, and affiliate marketing businesses.

He reveals tips and techniques for achieving success with your home business, broken down into step by step actionable strategies. From blogging to online marketing, international business strategies, social media, automation, search engine optimization, lead generation, building authority and trust, and mindset, Eldon reveals what works (and what doesn’t) for long term success and prosperity.

In this first show, I share a little about my background in online marketing and how I started my first successful network marketing business online back in 1990. I was privileged to be one of the earlier “online home business pioneers”, and have learned a lot since that time. I will also be going over, briefly, some of the topics I’ll be covering in upcoming shows.

More to come….and please feel free to leave feedback, either here or privately. I sincerely appreciate it!

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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Eldon Beard, Home Business Success Coach

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  1. Eldon,

    So great to hear you on your podcast. Your voice is amazing!

    It is great that you will be talking about blogging and internet marketing strategies. People need to know what works and doesn’t.

    Glad you will be teaching people how to use Facebook – how to use it correctly for marketing. So many people just need to be in the know!

    I’m looking forward to you talking about automation. This is something I don’t use, but need some kind of it because I am so over loaded!

    I think talking about “Focus” is so important. Marketers need to put those blinders on to all those shiny objects. I think we all went through that pain in the old days lol. Glad to hear that you will be talking about this subject.

    I just can’t believe this is your first podcast! You sound like you have been doing this forever!

    I’ll be back!!!


  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hi Donna, thanks for the encouragement! I plan to cover a lot of different topics that will help online marketers get more exposure (and more sales/signups) for whatever business they are doing.

    I understand what you mean by overload. When I speak of “automation”, I am referring to software and apps that take care of routine tasks like sharing content and posting ads. The right way, without spamming. 🙂

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