Online MLM – What is the Most Important Key to Success?

online mlm going offlineWhen thinking about “online MLM” and building a business on the Internet, what do you consider the most important key to success?

The actual process of building a successful network marketing business online has been the subject of considerable debate and discussion over time.

The reality is, far more people go online looking for a home business than search through more traditional methods such as newspaper and magazine ads. People who don’t know specifically what they’re looking for will “Google it” until they find something. If they find you, you need to be prepared.

Many online MLM entrepreneurs do all the right things, up to a point.

  • they create a blog for attracting and communicating with prospects
  • they come up with a free giveaway and set up an opt-in form to capture leads
  • they load their autoresponder with some good follow up copy

And then wait….for something to happen.

That’s all great and part of what you should do. Problem is, though, many people doing online MLM stop right there. Their followup messages are designed to entice prospects to click a link, review their MLM opportunity, and hopefully sign up as soon as possible.

What’s missing? What is the number one key to success, if you want to succeed with  network marketing and recruiting online?

Taking the prospect offline and creating a relationship. It’s really that simple.

Why do so many fail to do something as simple as calling their prospects who leave a good phone number? We know quite a few won’t leave valid contact information, and you can’t make people do it, but at least follow up personally with the ones you can.

Unless you already have a strong reputation online and people looking at your opportunity seek you out specifically as a sponsor, you can’t afford to skip any opportunity to make that personal connection.

Look at it like this. Using online MLM sponsoring and recruiting methods is best for accomplishing one thing – identifying an interested prospect. Past that, you need to do whatever it takes to make a personal connection with that person. Otherwise, they are likely to bounce around looking until they find someone who will.

If your prospect leaves a phone number, call them. If most of your leads are not leaving them, or they are leaving information that looks or turns out fake, consider where your leads are coming from. Free classified sites, traffic exchanges, places like that tend to send a less serious prospect.

I’ve found that the best prospects, the ones most likely to leave contact information, come from places like:

  • social networks where they can review my profile and learn a little about me before they visit my blog
  • ads on work at home or home based business sites that publish great content (this attracts good prospects)

For better success in online MLM, get your profile and opportunity out there where your ideal prospects are likely to be. Then, make it a point to take the prospect offline as quickly as possible and begin building a relationship.

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  1. Jaden Daniels says:

    Okay, I am guilty. I have been guilty of not calling my prospects back in the past, but it does make a difference when building a business.


  2. Good advice Eldon. The direct sales company I used to work for actually provided leads to leadership representatives actively building teams – and even then I often found the follow up to consist of sending an email and waiting for the prospect to call.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      That’s pretty much what most people do, Marquita, wait for the call. I’ve learned over time that you just have to get after it, as many prospects won’t take action until someone contacts them and shows an interest.

  3. Sharon Johnson says:

    Great advice Eldon
    It seems people are doing less calling then when I first started doing this, we need to get back to that,
    (and no automated calls) I feel that is just so cold and impersonal
    Thank You
    Best to you in 2012

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Sharon, I can’t say never use automation, just remember to add the personal touch. Automation can get the leads, you have to follow up personally to make things happen though.