Strategies for Marketing Your Home Business

home business owner marketing his businessWith your home business all set up and running, you’re excited about the future and all the possibilities you have. You’ve started doing some advertising locally, but so far the customers aren’t exactly beating your door down just yet. You know you need to do more to get the word out – but what can you do?

Here are a few ideas and examples to help you get started. Depending on what you’re selling (products or services), you can come up with many potential variations on these basic strategies.

Find Needs and Satisfy Them

If your home business involves making and selling any kind of crafts, you could set up a “how to” demonstration at a local library or even an assisted living facility. Many facilities like this are often on the lookout for educational and entertaining presentations for their patrons. By demonstrating how to make simple crafts, you are offering a service that will bring your business publicity and exposure, even if you aren’t making any retail sales at the event. Word of mouth and positive publicity go a long way toward promoting your home business.

As another example, let’s say you are selling web design services and having a tough time getting things going. There are a lot of individuals and businesses who need professional web design services, but aren’t sure who to turn to. Find a couple of friends or small business owners who need simple websites set up. Do the work for them (free, or at very reduced rates) in exchange for testimonials and featuring their sites in your online portfolio. This will give you some exposure, and good references to start out with as well.

Where Are Your Ideal Customers?

Figure out where your ideal customers would hang out, and find a way to reach them where they are. If your business is writing articles and providing content, you probably won’t have much luck advertising in your local newspaper. Think about who really needs articles – one example is Internet marketers! Find online message boards and forums where Internet marketing pros congregate, and become a member of that community.

About three months ago, I was searching for someone to write content for a new website I was launching. I normally do all of my own writing, but  needed to get this site going and was running short on time. I checked on the “Warrior Forum”, and found a guy that was advertising his writing services along with examples of his work. I liked his style and hired him for my project. Again, think about where your potential customers are and go there. Don’t do passive, untargeted advertising and expect them to just find you.

Use Online Pay Per Click Advertising

You can use online pay per click advertising services, such as Google Adwords, to promote your home business products and services. When you do a Google search, the Adwords are the little boxed ads you see on top and to the right side of the search results. Yahoo also offers a similar  service, as do many others, but Google is where you’ll find the most search traffic.

At one time, pay per click advertising wasn’t all that great an option for local businesses seeking local customers, but that has all changed. On Google, you can now target very specific geographical areas with your ads and reach just customers who are searching from your local area.

Online and Offline Networking

Get the word out about your home business products and services by making as many connections as you can. Friends and family can be very helpful, but you need to expand your reach as far as you can. Participate in local civic organizations, clubs, social events, anywhere you can make contact with people. Don’t be shy about this.

Online, take advantage of the exploding popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Sign up and begin participating. You can place links to your home business website in your profile, and make a lot of new connections by participating in groups formed for people who have special interests like yours. Your potential is virtually unlimited in these venues, if you use them correctly.

One word of caution – whether promoting your home business online or offline, always remember to focus on making friends first. Few things turn potential business away more than someone who gets in your face about their opportunity as soon as you meet them. Focus on the relationship aspect of your social marketing efforts – the opportunity to promote and publicize your home business products or services will come as a natural result of your relationship building.

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