Tips for Success With Your Personal Growth Plan

your personal growth planBeginning a home based business is the start of a journey that can take you far. Whether your overall goal is financial freedom, or perhaps the luxury of staying home with your kids, you should have a personal growth plan in place to help ensure your success.

The business world can be an intimidating place. Success in a network marketing, MLM, or direct sales home business requires a great deal of confidence and a strong upbeat attitude.

Let’s talk about four good foundations to begin your personal growth plan and your journey to success!

How Do You Perceive Opportunity?

There is an old story out there about two Australian shoe salesmen who were sent to the outback to sell shoes to the aborigines. After a time, both men reported in with their progress.

The first salesman said “There is no business potential here, the natives don’t wear shoes“.

The second salesman said “Tremendous sales opportunity here – the natives don’t wear shoes“.

Do you tend to see the glass as half full or half empty? If someone is already using a product similar to yours, do you see it as a waste of time to approach them (they already have a product like this) or as a great opportunity (they like this type of product and will love mine)? It’s all in how you look at it.

Learn to Rebound and Bounce Back

What happens when you slip on a trampoline and fall on your behind? You let the natural springiness of the mat help bounce you back up so you can continue jumping.

Success in business is like that. There will be times when many people in a row will reject your product or opportunity, and you’ll tend to feel down and depressed about it. You have to learn to bounce up and keep going.

Believe in your business opportunity and realize that most people you approach will not be interested right now. It isn’t the right time for them. Rebound and keep looking – each “no” gets you closer to the next “yes”. It really does.

Take Time to Work on You

A big part of your personal growth plan will be to make a commitment. A commitment to constantly work on you.

Are you getting better and moving forward every day? Do you start your morning fired up and ready to go to work in your business? Have you set down goals and dreams and committed to achieving them?

Go the extra mile every day. Make one more presentation, call one more prospect, do more than you thought you could that day. Constantly work on you and strive for improvements each day.

Absolutely Be the Best and Overdeliver

Today, competition for home business opportunity seekers is keener than ever. To make things worse, people looking to make money from home have many options they once didn’t have easy access to. All it takes is one Google search to find dozens or hundreds of other leaders offering exactly the same opportunity as you are.

Set yourself apart by being down to earth. Don’t sell your business with hype. Treat each prospect as a human being and focus on their wants and needs in a home business. Never make promises you can’t keep.

And…always overdeliver. Give prospects, team partners, and customers more than they expect. Success in network marketing is a numbers game in many respects, but once you get that prospect or new business partner, it gets personal. You promised great support, give it. You promised to help them achieve success, do it.

Your reputation for giving and exceeding expectations will spread and your success will explode as a result. Make sure you emphasize this as you put together your personal growth plan for the long term.

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