Why You Don’t Want to Brand Your Online MLM Business

online mlm businessWhen people you’ve met online think of you, in their mind are you a “rep for XYZ MLM Products” or are you “James Smith, Entrepreneur”? Is your online MLM business your identity and your brand?

It does make a difference. Depending on how you present yourself online, especially in social media, people will form an impression of you. That impression is critical to your long-term success in your home business.

A common approach to starting out online is to use a company replicated site, or create a personal website or blog, and focus on selling the products and opportunity. This means that your flagship site, the place where people will go to learn more about you and your business, will be directly focused on your company and your MLM business.

Because many MLM companies don’t allow putting up blogs or websites to specifically promote the business by name, or seriously restrict your liberty in doing so, many people put up “generic” sites. These sites are usually focused on the general benefits of starting a home business, or in some cases content related to benefits of the product (nutritional or weight loss, for example).

To comply with company regulations, nothing is said about the company or products by name. To learn more about the company, you typically submit a form and then get details about the actual opportunity by phone or email.

Anyway, whether a website or blog is all about the opportunity by name or not, the thing to understand is that using this type of site exclusively brands your online MLM business, and you as a rep for that company. I’m not saying people can’t have success doing that, because it is quite possible to do so, but here is something to consider.

There is always the hope that your business will grow and last forever, but what if it doesn’t? What if the company falls on hard times and closes the doors? What if you are presented somewhere up the line with a different opportunity that is definitely a wise business move for you? This is one reason it makes more sense to focus on branding YOU, not your online MLM business.

It’s great to have a company replicated site. You’ll usually need this when people are ready to enroll. It will often serve as an online store where people outside the business itself can buy your product. It’s just that you don’t want to make that site your “home base” so to speak. It’s much better to create your own blog and focus on your own personal branding, and link out to the company sites as desired from there.

Always remember – things change. I hope your current online MLM business works out and brings you financial freedom for the rest of your life. However, in business things can change. Sell yourself as a leader, earn respect, establish trust, brand yourself, and people will remember and want to work with you because you are who YOU are, regardless of what MLM business you are in.

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