Your Home Business – Take Time to Refocus Your Efforts

focus on the business at handIf you find yourself feeling frustrated with your progress in building your home business, or have the perception that you’re just spinning your wheels and getting nothing accomplished, take time out and refocus your efforts.

I believe that even the most successful and prosperous home business entrepreneurs have “hit the wall” at some point, perhaps many times. It isn’t so much how many times you get frustrated and unsure of yourself that determines success or failure, but rather how quickly you recognize the symptoms and take action to get back on track.

I’m talking here about any type of home based business. You may be involved in network marketing, pursuing affiliate sales opportunities, or performing a service such as writing resumes or web programming and development. Whatever you do, there will be times when you wonder if you’re on the right track, especially during the crucial “ramping up” phase where you’re just beginning to do the things necessary to make money and create the financial independence you desire.

How do you feel about the path you’ve chosen to develop your home based income? Is there a confidence that you’re on the right track, or a nagging doubt that encourages you to continually evaluate other options?

Here is what I’ve found, from personal experience as well as interacting with lots of people looking to make money from home, especially on the Internet. There is just too much chatter and easy access to information that makes staying focused very hard at times.

Consider a typical scenario.

Rick decided he wanted to earn an income from home, working in his spare time. He came to the conclusion that setting up a network of web sites and blogs to market affiliate products was what he wanted to do. He purchased a popular “Internet marketing” course that taught a turnkey method for doing this.

In the real world, many people market affiliate products successfully and make excellent incomes doing it. However, despite marketing and promotional pitches that imply otherwise, it takes some work and special attention, and real results don’t happen quickly. If you carefully follow a legitimate and proven plan, you can make great money if you stick with it.

So, Rick got started and published five websites, loaded with content, designed to sell certain affiliate niche products. After a couple months, and ongoing hard work, he made a total of $165 in affiliate commissions. Didn’t sound like much, but it was a start.

To make a long story short, during this time, Rick participated in a couple of popular Internet marketing discussion forums in hope of finding information that would help him do even better at his new affiliate marketing business. What he actually found was a whole different story.

Rick discovered the power of distraction. Constant pitches for other “systems” and products. Visible criticism of the system and plan he was working with, coupled with extremely effective marketing promos for other materials that promised more money faster and easier.

As it turned out, Rick lost his focus and eventually fell into the trap of flip flopping back and forth among various programs and “make money online” courses and never really had success with much of anything.

Refocus and Make a Commitment

If you feel that the path you’ve chosen to make money from home is in doubt, or you lack confidence in the ultimate potential for what you’re doing, it’s time to refocus and commit.

  • Why did you choose this particular business model in the first place? Was it based on a great sales presentation that made it look easy and effortless to make money and enjoy lots of free time?
  • What were the advantages? Any disadvantages?
  • What appealed to you most about it? Was it more the daily actions required to prosper in the business (things you would enjoy), or just the idea that you could make great money if you just did it?
  • Does it fit your personality? If you’re not a people person and prefer working alone, network marketing or any business that requires extensive interaction with others probably won’t be a fit for you.

Once you’ve revisited your original reasons for doing your business, dig deep and ask yourself if the potential benefits are truly worth the effort and time you’ll put in. Be sure you enjoy what you’re doing – that’s a huge key to your success.

Refocus. Make a commitment. If you can’t, or find that the home business you’re pursuing is really not suited to you, consider other options. Always remember, though, that with any business things will be slow and often rough in the beginning. You’re not likely to make it big overnight. The rewards come to those who patiently work, do the right things, and stick it out.

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