Be Sure Your MLM Prospects Understand This

mlm prospectsWhen we as network marketers present our opportunity to MLM prospects, we tend to get a bit excited and paint quite an exciting picture of the income potential and the possibilities for financial freedom.

There is nothing wrong with that, because the overall picture IS exciting and we want to convey the real potential of our business opportunity.

What happens though when we neglect to tell prospects about the “work” part of the equation? Sure, we often mention in passing that work is required, but how prepared are our MLM prospects (really) when they decide to sign up?

Here is what professional network marketers know. With this business, like any other, it takes two things in pretty heavy doses to achieve the higher incomes we dream of. Time and persistence. This is where our prospects sometime get tripped up.

The MLM Time Trap

We know that network marketing is one of the fastest paths to wealth for many people. It is not a respecter of persons, and people from all backgrounds have found great success in this industry.

What trips up many new MLM entrepreneurs is the sudden realization that it takes a significant amount of their free time initially to get momentum going in their business. Once you have a few good people sponsored and trained, momentum begins to build. Your efforts begin to magically multiply and things start getting really good.

Problem is, it takes a while to reach that point….for some weeks, and for others, months.

The MLM Persistence Trap

Right alongside the time trap is the persistence trap. Putting in that time initially to get your business moving can be hard and sometime discouraging. Persistence is the ability to keep on putting in that time until you have a few on board and things begin to multiply.

Once that happens, the time you put in seems to leverage more and you see greater growth in your business for your efforts.

What Kills Some MLM Prospects After They Sign Up

Not understanding the power of time and persistence from the beginning derails too many new distributors. I believe that when presenting the power of the network marketing model, prospects can get the idea that this is easy money. It IS one of the fastest paths to wealth, but the work is real.

Let’s talk about the power of time and persistence as related to making great money in traditional occupations. We all know that good lawyers make great money. They often have incomes that many only dream of.

Think about what it takes for an ambitious person to reach a level of success in the legal field. Usually, you’re talking at least eight years of education, and many long hours of study and grueling exams along the way. Talk about the power of time and persistence!

Same thing with doctors, it takes many years of education and a tremendous amount of study and focused effort to be successful in the profession. People who achieve this understand the power of time and persistence.

If you are looking for money and lifestyle, without a lot of the day to day worries that professionals have to endure, network marketing can be the answer! And it doesn’t take eight years of extended boot camp to enjoy success either.

If you are working a network marketing business now, but feel like your time and effort is taking you nowhere, consider some things.

Have you put enough time into training and learning how to be a professional network marketer?

Are you fully engaged in your business, working on prospecting and supporting your team every day?

Are you treating your business like a business as opposed to a part time hobby?

It’s hard work in the beginning, but once you get momentum going the picture changes. It’s like an airplane taking off. The plane uses HUGE amounts of fuel to get off the runway and up to altitude. Once at altitude, it moves along much faster and more smoothly. It was just the initial ascent that took so much energy.

Make sense? Be sure your best MLM prospects, when they join your team, understand this.

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