Are You Reluctant to Share Your MLM Business Opportunity?

mlm business opportunityAre you scared and reluctant to share your MLM business opportunity, especially with friends and people you meet at social events?

Do you feel funny when someone asks “what do you do”, and you really want to mention your business, but don’t?

I think this is a pretty common dilemma for many people in this business. It’s no problem for you to advertise and talk to interested prospects that you attract through links to your website or whatever, but when it comes to mentioning what you do to friends, something seems to break down.

From talking to people in my group over time, I’ve found that there are some common fears and mental blocks at work here.

Here are some reasons people often give for not sharing their MLM business opportunity with friends and social contacts.

  • they have heard their friends talking about “annoying” direct sales reps who always have a catalog in one hand and an order form in another, every time they see them
  • they are afraid to be perceived, by their friends, as involved in anything that might be thought of as a “business opportunity scheme” or “pyramid selling company”
  • they feel like they are taking advantage of friendships and putting friends on the spot to sign up or buy products
  • they lack confidence that their MLM business opportunity is a “real” way to make money, as they have not made much yet themselves

Of all these, the one that I hear the most, is that people feel like they are taking advantage of their friends and putting them on the spot if they try to present their business or products. This excuse, and the others above, all have one thing in common:

lack of genuine belief in the products and opportunity

Being concerned with how your friends will perceive you, if you share your opportunity with them, isn’t unusual. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, because most new MLM business builders experience this, but it’s something you have to address and overcome if you want to achieve the best success with your business.

I’ve seen too many people get started and then fail to take action because their belief and confidence in their product, company, opportunity, and the overall MLM industry is weak and shaky. This happens a lot, and if you recognize it and work it out, you can be on the road to achieving the success you desire.

Ask yourself some hard questions.

  • do you use your products yourself?
  • would you use your products and tell others about them if no income opportunity was attached?
  • do you think that MLM and network marketing is a legitimate and reputable business model?
  • is there fear in your heart that someone will ask you “is this like Amway”?

Your answers to these questions will tell you a lot about what you need to work on. You will never have ultimate success with your home business venture if these things are bothering you.

If you’ve faced this fear of sharing your MLM business opportunity with friends, and have overcome this fear, please share how you did it below!

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. I find that using the products in front of people and having them sitting around where people see them opens the way to talk about them very easily.

  2. Having a product in a really popular niche makes for a lot more potential because it’s a topic people are already openly discussing [eg, collecting Silver coin in a down economy]. Since they’ve initiated the conversation, it gives us a lot more opportunity to answer inquiries and discuss our product; we don’t have to sell it.

  3. Hi Eldon,

    Great post. I think a lot of people struggle with sharing business with friends and family. It certainly does help to believe in the product and the company. If you are not happy and comfortable then why would you want to be sharing it with your friends and family either.

    Without telling people not to totally rule out friends and family as business partners/customers I think it is important to build experience and evidence of building relationships with non family and friends first.

    Make some money, get confident, understand your company inside out and then approach your friends and family. By this point you should be totally sure about what you have one offer and shouldn’t feel anxious about it and have answers to some of those most often asked questions.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Beth, although it goes against traditional wisdom that says “go to your warm market first”, that’s actually the way I got started years ago. I felt the need to have that confidence and some success before I talked to friends and family. I think it depends a lot on the person. Some people will be better off to start with those they know and build confidence among friends. I think it depends a lot on how “social” you are and how you are perceived by your warm market contacts.

  4. Trying the product would definitely increase our confidence towards it and allow us to share it effectively. I can actually relate to your post. But once I learned how the product has helped me then I know how grateful my friends will be once I talk about them.

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