Attraction Marketing and the Social Networking Communities

attraction marketing in the social media communitiesAttraction Marketing – the art of getting prospects for your home business opportunity to come to you seeking information about what you have to offer. This is the direct opposite of the traditional, outdated approach to network marketing and MLM, where your challenge was to pursue prospects and persuade them that they needed your business.

While the subject of “attraction marketing” as it applies to network marketing and MLM can be quite a study (entire websites and books are devoted to it), it really isn’t all that big of a mystery. Think about it. If you want to start a home business, for whatever reason, do you want someone to convince you that their opportunity or idea is what you need? Or, do you prefer to look around and contact someone you like who represents an opportunity or concept that you find appealing? This is what attraction marketing is all about.

There are many ways to promote a network marketing home business on the Internet. Participating in social networking communities like Facebook or MySpace can be the best and most productive way to build your business, if you follow the rules and use the basic concepts of attraction marketing to guide your efforts.

To position yourself as a leader and attract prospects to your business while participating in the social networking communities, there are some key thoughts to keep in mind.

When you first begin participating, you are a stranger. It’s like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met. Nobody will know your name, and only a few may even acknowledge your presence. You have to hang around a while, become a familiar face, and give people a reason to remember your name and who you are. It is the same way on Facebook or any of the other social sites. You have to stick around and contribute for a while before people start wanting to know more about you.

Never, never, never come across as a promoter or recruiter. One reason MLM and network marketing can be perceived in a negative way is because of people who selfishly try to butt in on discussions to talk about how wonderful their opportunity is. This is the mark of a selfish promoter, and going into any social networking venue with this attitude and approach will be a sure recipe for rejection and failure. Nobody will put up with it. People will respect you and be more attracted to you when you leave any hint of promotion or self-interest outside the door when you enter the room. Put your business information in your profile, and become a participant so that people want to know more about you and what you do.

Using attraction marketing to build your network marketing business with social networking takes time to develop. You can’t just make a few comments and pay infrequent visits to the social networking communities and expect great things to happen. You need to develop a consistent plan for your promotions that keeps you in front of people on a regular basis. Over time, your name will become known and people will begin to visit your personal website to learn more about your business and what you do. The race is won by those who are patient and stick with it.

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