Be a Rock in Your Network Marketing Business

work your mlm business and be solid as a rockWe talk all the time about how important it is to pick one solid network marketing business and stick with it for the long haul. We talk about doing the research, evaluating the product, and checking into things like company reputation and history.

All well and good. However, after a couple of conversations I had this week with long time MLM friends, I realized more than ever just how hard it is for people to stay focused and put everything they have into one opportunity and stick with it until they reach a respectable level of income and success.

I focused on one solid opportunity for several years, and built a nice residual income with that company. Last year, I made a business decision to move on to a different opportunity, but not after much research and careful consideration. My decision was based largely on increased sales potential, as my new opportunity offers a tool that virtually any marketer can use to generate leads, increase customer loyalty, and boost customer retention.

Even though I’ve never been a frequent opportunity jumper, it’s easy for me to understand why some people are tempted to switch companies before they ever build a decent income in any one of them. Just in the last three months, I’ve met a couple of people who are true success stories and I admire their style and dedication. The companies they are with offer products that are very interesting to me, and if I wasn’t already committed to my present business, I might be strongly tempted to work with one of them. The Internet makes it so easy to meet people and be exposed to the best of the best.

That’s why strong focus is so critical. One of the problems in MLM is, it’s easy in and easy out with little money required to get started. So, without a strong commitment to a particular business opportunity, it isn’t a big deal to quit one and join another. Even over and over.

In MLM, because of this ease of entry and exit, the pocketbook doesn’t necessarily suffer but the reputation does. Would you feel comfortable committing to work with someone who has been in 2-3 different opportunities in the last couple of years, even if they convinced you that this was THE ONE? It’s something to think about.

Being a rock in your network marketing business means taking time to carefully evaluate your opportunity before you join, and then once you sign up, putting your head down and getting to work. Don’t look back. Every single person that I personally know who has made the “big money” in MLM has focused on one business for the long term. Some do switch to other opportunities at some point, but not until they have succeeded in the one business and created a significant residual income before moving to the other for whatever reason.

Be a rock in your network marketing business – prospects today are really tired of hype and endless promises. They want stability and leadership that can help them rise to the top. Let that be you!

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