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woman at work in her home businessThis is an exhilarating moment. You’ve decided to start your own home business. You can feel the excitement and the hope. Now you face the big decision – what type of business do you start? Choosing a home business is easy for some people, because they base it around a lifelong dream. For others, the choices may not be so clear.

If you know you want your own home business, but are not sure what it will be, here are some tips to help you sort through the possibilities.

What Turns You On?

Sit back and relax for a moment. Ask yourself the following question. If I had all the money in the world and could do anything I want in life, what would I choose to do? Don’t spend a lot of time thinking on it, just reflect on what comes to mind quickly. Your answer(s) to this will likely identify the things that mean the most to you – what you are most passionate about. Use these thoughts as general guidelines for choosing your home business niche.

What Were Your Childhood Dreams?

Many of us had ideas of what we wanted to be when we were kids. Unfortunately, financial realities and pressure from parents and other adults turned many in directions far from where their real passions and interests lie. Later in life, these original passions tend to die and become distant memories. Think back on them. Is there something still there, deep inside, that you’ve long since given up hope of doing that you can turn into a home business?

Consider Your Personality

Are you a “people person” who enjoys working with others, and never meets a stranger? If so, you might be well suited for a direct selling or network marketing type business. In traditional direct selling, you buy products at discount and sell them through whatever marketing channels you choose. In a network marketing home business, you will represent a product line and not only market the products yourself, but you’ll also introduce other people to the business opportunity. In the process, you have a chance to build a group of consumers and make substantial income from the total purchases and sales your group makes.

Talents and Skills You’ve Learned

In jobs you’ve had, you’ve probably learned some skills that can be used to make money with a home business. Have you worked for a florist, retail store, or other company where you learned the inside scoop about their products and the associated industry? Almost all jobs require some sort of “on the job” training, and inside knowledge and skills you’ve learned can be brought over into a home business in many cases.

Do What Others Are Not Doing

I have a friend who is involved with a direct sales party plan company. The company sells beautiful aromatic candles and a line of scented soaps and bath oils. Most representatives for this company sell their products through home parties, because that is how the company teaches them to make money. While that works great, why not think outside the box a bit? Judy does do the parties from time to time, but she came up with the idea of creating unique gift baskets that feature a sampling of the different products. She sells these through a local indoor market, and doesn’t even have to be present most of the time. People buy from her display. So, when you’re considering home business ideas, brainstorm and think of unique ways you can approach selling your products or services.

Choosing a home business can indeed be challenging. The key is to choose something that involved you doing things you really love to do. Don’t start a business doing things you don’t really like – much of your success working a home business will come from the joy and enthusiasm that potential customers and clients see in you.

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