Focus For Success in Your Home Business

focus for successSome quick thoughts today about “focus for success” in your home business. If you aren’t making money with your business, could a lack of proper focus be the problem?

If lack of proper focus IS the problem, what can you do to fix the situation and get on the right track?

I’ve seen so many people start a home business who are anxious. They are anxious to get something going and get some money coming in. They often don’t fully understand the reality of making money with a home business – that it takes time to get traction.

I remember a time when I pursued different online businesses looking for something that worked. I didn’t stick with any one thing for long, because frankly I was looking for something to make money fast. I had heard all the stories of people stumbling on that ONE thing that made them rich, you know? This experience taught me a lot.

In my show airing on the Home Business Radio Network this week, I go into depth about some of the focus problems that home business opportunity seekers run into. Starting a home business is relatively easy, but actually settling in and performing the consistent daily actions you need to do can be challenging.

Check out the show this week and let me know what you think.

Meantime, here is a great video by Tony Robbins with some great tips for improving your focus!

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  1. Hello Eldon,

    I quite agree with you. Why? I’ve been there! I’ve done many businesses that I left just after a month or two because I felt they were not paying well.

    Then like thunder bolt, it struck me! A tree frequently transplanted hardly does well!!

    I have since stuck to a single business. And believe me, it pays to do so!

    Do have a great day, Eldon!

    – Terungwa

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hi Akaahan,

    I love your analogy about the transplanted tree! When you start a business, it’s like planting a tree. Give it time and nurture it, and it will grow. If you dig it up after a month or two, though, and plant it somewhere else it has to recover and settle in to start growing again. Do this repeatedly and the tree (your dream of success in a home business) may die.

    Find something you like, folks, and stick with it…..


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