Getting Eyeballs on You in the Top Social Media Sites

get all eyes on you in the social networking communitiesA FLOOD!

THAT is what has happened in Social Media.

A flood of content on social media sites that have proven to be life changing in many ways and business changing.

But if a flood has occurred – what is left to passionately write about?

What is left to say that has not been said?


How would you like to know 5 tips that will GUARANTEE eyeballs looking at or reading what you have put out in social media? THAT would rock your world and business if you could EXPLODE the ATTENTION given on the content you are putting out for your business and social media marketing.

There are so many things that you can write about for your personal life, business, or any other thing that you want to increase, expand, enlarge, or improve in your life.

But there is a question that YOU must find the answer to in order to write a post or article or record a video that will go VIRAL. This question will be your GPS system in finding what you need to write about.

Most folks in social media marketing make a HUGE mistake. They write about what they THINK they need to write about, or even worse….what they enjoy writing about and not moving from that topic. Nothing wrong with that, but there may be a problem with it as it may not be a broad enough focus to move people to listen or read.

What is what  I call the “BULLSEYE Question” that we all must focus on and listen to?

“WHAT ARE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR – in your industry and market?”

Think about it. If you KNOW what people are looking for, then you have a great start in creating topics that you KNOW will be read.

There are 3 things that people are always looking to read about:

a) Solutions to a challenge they have.

b) Information they do not know that they can learn to move their life forward.

c) Something that will move them on the inside and make them feel good.

These 3 things always seem to work. but what if you combined them with the 5 quick tips on getting your articles read and videos watched?

Here are 5 really quick tips to write about TO GET EYEBALLS looking once you have found out what your market is looking for and KNOW the Bullseye Question:

1) The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made in your Industry and how much that is Costing YOU.

This always gets read as it comes from a fear of loss and fear of continuation. What are people looking for and what are the mistakes being made to keep them from finding it?

2) The Most Powerful ONE THING You can do RIGHT NOW to increase your business in the __________ profession or market.

This really does get people to read what you have written as it comes from an “exclusive knowing PERSPECTIVE” AND an Authority position.

What is the ONE THING a person can do in your industry or market to start to improve their situation whatever is it – NOW?

3) The Three Reasons Why You Are Struggling in the ___________________ profession…or to lose weight….or to create better skin….or to increase your income….or to pay your bills….etc.

What are people looking for? Many times it is as simple as to get past their own barriers. This is a great focus on getting past where you are, and get you to where you want to go. This is a guaranteed read and will be passed along virally.

4) The 5 Lies that are Told Constantly in the ____________________ industry and what the REAL TRUTH is…

People always gravitate towards the TRUTH. And this would be no exception. If you want to get passed along in a video, blog post, or podcast, you must provide content on what people are looking for, not just what you think they will read. People want the TRUTH about what it takes, what it is about, what it inside it, what really happens, etc.

YOU be the Truth Light and shine the light on lies that are prevalent in your world.

5) The 3 Things You Can Say That Will Change EVERYTHING in your business….weight.…Beauty….Life – to yourself or others.

Declarations and affirmations are very popular. I declare and decree daily as the Good Book says to do. But when you can tell people what they must SPEAK to people or themselves in order to change things – that is quite a story to read and pass along. This will be read as it solves a problem or gives an answer to a challenge they are looking to get rid of. They may be saying totally the wrong thing. They may be speaking in a way that would never work in your market. Let them know and give them the words as well as the encouragement.

These are 5 quick tips that will help you in getting attention and focused EYEBALLS on your blog posts, videos, or any other content in your efforts in social media marketing.

Credit to Doug Firebaugh for providing this informative and useful training. I have the pleasure of working with Doug on the “7 Billion Dollar Networker University” project, which is ramping up and will be unveiled in the very near future….stay tuned!

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