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hbrn positive powered radioAs you may already know, I am a show host on the Home Business Radio Network, and my show is called “The Eldon Beard Show“.

My show focus is on success in network marketing, blogging, SEO, and getting found online.

I’ve very excited to announce that we have just launched our Economic Freedom Summer Contest that is not only a ton of fun for everyone, but also gives you a great chance to win some really cool prizes!

Signing up is FREE!

Would you like to be a part of a movement that is making history in the home business profession? HBRN is the FIRST 24/7 radio network with home business industry news, music, and talk shows! And YOU, as one of our valued listeners, can be a major part of bringing it to the forefront of our great profession and possibly even have an opportunity to be a guest on one of our shows!

The HBRN Economic Freedom Summer Contest will run through Labor Day so you have time to really have some fun with this and win some serious prizes!

We have over $25,000.00 worth of prizes that will be given away. Many of these will be provided by the biggest names in the home business profession!

The TOP prize will be an Ipad 5 when it comes out. We are also offering coaching classes, eBooks, CD’s, DVDs, multiple lead packages worth $100 and more, software, social media training resources, prospecting training resources, recruiting training resources, best selling industry books by top name authors, prospecting and recruiting tools, HBRN Success Wear, plus many more prizes to be given out DAILY!

$25,000.00 worth of prizes to help you build your home based business!

All you have to do is enroll into the contest, and then share the Home Business Radio Network with your friends. You will win points with every share on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. You will also get points for commenting, posting, re-tweeting, and more!

The number of points you earn will determine where you are on the Leader Board.

There also will be several free webinars during the contest with exceptional and exclusive content as a bonus for JUST BEING ENROLLED!

Check out the details here:


We want this to be big. The bigger our HBRN community, the better it is for YOU.

You’ll network faster, you’ll build faster – YOUR SUCCESS WILL BUILD FASTER…

So, to get you to help us spread the word about our FREE training, we’re willing to give you huge value for participating. You’ll have lots of fun, help spread the word, build a big community to network with, and win some awesome prizes along the way.

There are over 15 ways to earn points and it will be FUN and rewarding and help build your business!

Check it out and see how this can help accelerate your business and bring you success!


One more thing – there is a free 90 minute MP3 download from the founding show hosts!

It is called “Super Gems – Volume One” and it is the BEST of the BEST content from our HBRN shows!

It has over 100 secrets and how to trainings designed to lead you to success in your home business! And it is FREE! As you sign up for the contest, just follow the details for accessing the free Super Gems MP3 download!


I urge you to take action on this, as what you will learn could explode your business and income!

Let’s win some prizes and have some fun!


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