How to Create Social Buzz for Free

social media buzz and popularityJust wanted to take a moment today to let you know about two free tools that will help you create social buzz for your blog posts and content, and won’t cost you anything but a little of your time each day.

There are a number of social sharing tools that carry a monthly fee. Many of these are automated and once you set them up, they run basically “hands off”. They either read your blog feed, or have a simple way to add content of your choice as desired, for promotion through the system.

While the monthly cost of these tools and services might not be much, it does add up and many of these services have some distinct disadvantages:

1) They often use fake social accounts to post your links and content. You can easily spot these if you find a bookmark or mention of your blog post and the profile of the person is obviously empty and has an odd name. Software that creates these fake accounts must use randomly generated names to help ensure that they aren’t submitting a duplicate user name, which would cause the account creation to fail. This makes these auto-generated profiles easier to spot.

If YOU can spot a fake account a mile away, the social sharing sites can also and these types of accounts are deleted almost as quickly as they are created in many cases. An account with no profile + a large number of random submitted links each day = a pretty easy target for spam removal tools.

2) Many paid social sharing services focus almost entirely on bookmarking sites. While Google does watch social signals and factor them into ranking, creating a burst of bookmarks does little more than help your content get crawled and indexed. This effort to create social buzz will not help you get found for competitive search terms in the long run.

3) Submitting to bookmarking sites worked wonders at one time. You could do this and get a significant increase in traffic to your site, if you did it correctly. However, like many other SEO techniques that worked, massive spamming and submitting has caused these types of links to be devalued. Nonetheless, many still believe they are as effective as ever. Any positive results you get just by bookmarking (and they are more rare by the day) tend to be short lived.

Here are two effective ways to create social buzz for free, and the best thing is that these are created using REAL social accounts, and not the fake ones that are created by spamming software. Also, these are not  just random bookmarks, but genuine social mentions that count. I have a third one to tell you about soon, but it is a work in progress and not quite ready to reveal. It will be a great tool in your arsenal when ready.

Create Social Buzz with JUSTRETWEET.COM

JustRetweet is a fairly new platform that will help you drive more traffic to your blog posts and content when other members retweet your content. It is built on a credit system – you share others’ content and they share yours. The good news is that these are real people and real Twitter accounts, and the management here works very hard to eliminate spam.

With JustRetweet, you not only get great exposure but also stand to gain quite a few new Twitter followers. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes.

Create Social Buzz with VIRALCONTENTBUZZ.COM

Another fairly new service that is quickly becoming the favorite for many.

Viral Content Buzz helps you get Facebook Likes and Tweets from genuine, active social media accounts that are diverse and come from many different origins (thus they are natural in the eyes of Google and carry more clout, shall we say). Much more powerful than using services which create fake accounts and do the likes and tweets on them.

The moderators at Viral Content Buzz approve all content submitted, to help ensure that low quality or spammy articles aren’t spread into the system. This keeps it professional and attracts more power users, the ones that can help your best content get popular really fast.

Check these out, and watch for my announcement about an upgraded service (also free) that will not only give you real social signals, but also encourage more commenting on your blog posts. Another way to create social buzz for free. Stay tuned.


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  1. Eldon,

    Ann and myself certainly appreciate the mention here. Also really glad to hear you are enjoying the platform. Please let us know if you have any specific thoughts or suggestions regarding the platform, as we are keeping an open ear and making many updates based on user suggestions.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Gerald, I will be happy to send thoughts or suggestions as they occur. I like the way you have the system set up, and the fact that you focus on keeping the content professional.

  3. Eldon, Most people like to use free stuff that really works, so thanks for sharing about Viral Content Buzz and Justretweet. Myself I like free as opposed to paying out monthly fees. I did pay for a program (one time fee) and it has worked fine. I feel it was worth the money. If you set it to get followers automatically, I have to pay attention to the “questionable” characters I get. Then I use Tweepi to unfollow those people who are not following me or who are not even posting. Tools are great and can help us a great deal.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Eldon ,

    This is a great article of getting viral traffic . One very important thing is to write quality posts that people will want to share and then be part of the right community with these tools you have mentioned. Thank you for sharing these tips . take care Rosemary

  5. This is very helpful! Since I am focusing on all the social media site I will also try viralcontentbuzz since this is my first time hearing this. Thanks for this information.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Eldon I hadn’t heard of either of these platforms. Do you use either of them yourself ?

  7. Eldon thanks for the heads up I hadn’t heard of either of these two platforms before reading your post. Are you using either yourself ? Your post didn’t say.

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