Network Marketing Opportunity Entrepreneurs – Who Stands Out From the Crowd?

be unique and promote your network marketing opportunityWhat makes one person promoting a network marketing opportunity stand out from the crowd, and another just blend into the background, virtually unnoticed?

When you start looking at people promoting network marketing businesses online, you can pick out some pretty distinct styles.

Some are old-school “in your face” marketers who still believe that shouting out and pushing the great wonders of their opportunity is the best way to get attention and attract prospects.

Others are more low key and professional, and promote their business with class. And then, of course, you have many approaches between these extremes.

When you think about these different styles of online marketing, and the network marketers you know, who stands out from the crowd? Who do you remember in a positive way and always keep in the back of your mind “just in case” you might want to connect with them at some future point?

I’m betting it’s the ones who are the “givers”. The ones who always seem to be there with encouragement, support, and general friendship for others regardless of whether or not they have a business affiliation with them. The ones who are uplifting and seem to have true joy in what they do.

I see a lot of examples of different marketing styles on Facebook. I have friends in the business who are “givers”, always upbeat and encouraging. It isn’t a coincidence that they are among the most successful entrepreneurs I know of.

For long term success in working with a network marketing opportunity, for 2011 and beyond, what you are shooting for is branding yourself as a unique individual who has something to offer. You don’t want to be seen or perceived strictly as an “opportunity peddler” or “promoter”. That approach worked okay in the early days of the Internet, but now people seeking to make money from home are looking for more.

My best advice – where ever you go, whatever social networks or communities you belong to, strive to be a giver. Look for opportunities to help people and become a valued member of the community. Be genuine. If people know you first as an online friend and contributor, you will be rewarded with much greater long term success.

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