HBS 023: How to Promote Your MLM With Drop Cards

mlm drop cards

Grow Your Business Using MLM Drop Cards

Today’s episode of the “Online Home Business Success Podcast” is on a fun topic – using MLM drop cards to get some leads and prospects for your business.

Using drop cards is a promotional technique that doesn’t take up your time, because you deploy them while doing your day to day business. I’ve heard many people report success using these, and once you’ve purchased them, the rest is pretty much free. Just spread them around.

I’ve used them a few times myself and picked up some decent leads from doing it. I would not consider this as a “primary” promotional technique, but as an add-on to your usual daily activities that can bring you a few extra leads.

Who doesn’t need a few more leads?     🙂

In this episode, let’s look at:

  • why MLM drop cards work
  • what you have to do for them to be effective for you
  • what to print inside the MLM drop card

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