Raise the Bar in Your Network Marketing Home Business

increasing your expectations works wondersSuccess in a network marketing home business depends on a lot of things. Your products, your “why”, your commitment – all of these things are a part of the big picture.

One thing that strongly influences everything else, and goes a long way in determining how successful you will be, is your level of expectation for your business. What do you really expect your network marketing business to do for you?

Hopefully, you’ve written some really positive and inspiring goals down on paper. Maybe you’ve done some serious brainstorming and feel like you’ve really nailed your “why”.

If you’re not enjoying the day to day success you expect in your business, ask yourself this question.

Do I really believe I can reach the goals and dreams I’ve written down? Am I really, truly expecting to achieve them?

The more I talk to people in my group, and other network marketers in general, the more I’m convinced that success in business is closely tied to expectations. I know you’ve probably heard this before – it seems to be part of just about every seminar or course on self-improvement and personal growth. Stop and think about it for a minute.

I’ve known people who had very ambitious goals on paper, who appeared to be very enthusiastic and committed, but achievement and business growth didn’t seem to follow. In so many cases, I found that deep down they didn’t really believe they could achieve the goals that they so carefully thought through and worked out. They wanted to, just didn’t really believe they could.

If you don’t seem to be making the progress that you expect in your network marketing business, this is something you might want to think about. Dig deep inside and see what’s really going on. If you really deep down think you lack the ability to reach the goals you’ve set, raising your expectations can help you kick start your sponsoring and begin giving you the confidence you need to achieve the success you desire.

Here is a tip to help you get started in raising your expectations. First, review your goals and commit to yourself that you can achieve them. Then, every action you take to build your business, expect something good to happen. Every action.

If you’re making a presentation to a prospect, expect something good to come from it. Your prospect might not sign up, at least not then, but don’t consider that you’ve “struck out” if they don’t indicate much interest right away. Keep them in the loop, follow up with them in the future, and think of that presentation as one step closer to sponsoring your next associate. The key is just expecting good things to happen with everything you do.

Unless you are a born optimist, and most of us are not, this will take some mental discipline and practice. Master it, and you’ll become virtually unstoppable!

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  1. Great post, Eldon! I think that you are right that people have to really want to do it. I’ve known people who wanted to do something in theory, and they were really motivated, but they gave up later. They admitted that it was because they thought that it was something that would basically help them get rich quick. Admittedly, I’ve seen the presentations, and to be honest, that’s how it is presented, but I think that we need to be more honest with our downlines than that, because if they are looking to get rich quick, they won’t stay in; if they are looking to build a business, those are the people we want.

  2. Hello Steve, that is a good point about being more honest with our downline associates. Expectations play a big role in determining whether someone sticks it out and really builds a business, or goes off looking for something faster and easier. If we help people see the real vision and feel the enthusiasm while at the same time guiding them toward realistic expectations, I believe we’ve done the right thing.

  3. Thanks for the very informative post….

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