Setting Goals For Your Home Based Business in 2010

making money in 2010Before you finalize goals for your home business in 2010, you need to think about what you really want from it.

Understanding and having a clear vision of what you want gives you something solid that you can visualize and shoot for.

If you’re not clear what you really want your business to achieve, it’s like steering a ship in the fog (without GPS). You’ll get somewhere, but will it be where you want to go?

Having a firm understanding of your purpose also helps you sustain the enthusiasm and endurance you’ll need for success. Building up a substantial home based income takes lots of work. You’ll want the best possible reasons and motivation to do it.

Many people start a home business with the idea of “making money” and perhaps becoming financially free. While this is an great reason to start a home business, this is just too vague to really be effective.

Here are examples of questions you need to answer when planning your goals.

  • how much money do you want from your home business?
  • why do you want or need this money?
  • is your goal to quit your job, supplement your income, or what?
  • if your goal is to quit your job and make money from home, why?
  • if you had the money you want from your business, what would you do with it? Specifically?
  • if you want to be financially free, how much income would it take to pay off your bills and not rely on debt?
  • are you prepared and willing to commit the time and resources to make this happen?

This is what it’s all about.  Before you can set realistic goals that will inspire and drive you to action, you have to know what you want and what it will take to get there. The picture needs to be clear and defined. Vague wishes and fuzzy dreams won’t do it – you should have a clear picture, and be able to visualize and feel the emotion that you’ll feel when you reach the level of success you’re shooting for.

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