Simple Time Management for Your Home Business

paper based organizer for home business time managementAre you building a home based business? If so, you have many assets at your disposal. Your computer, software, and other tools that enable you to do what you do are just a part of the picture. You can have all the tools in the world and struggle to succeed with your home business if you neglect one thing.

Time is a home business entrepreneur’s most valuable asset. When you can’t get a project or task finished on time, what is often the reason? Apart from mental blocks or lack of resources, the biggest cause of lost productivity is poor time management. You can work 16 hours a day (not recommended, by the way) and still feel like you only had 8 hours to work with. Sometime we all feel like we need 40 hour days. I’m sure you’ve felt that way when deadlines and targets are rapidly approaching!

Home business time management can be a complex subject, but it doesn’t always have to be. Here are three simple tips to spark some ideas and help you get started with managing your business building time better.

Get the Bad Stuff Behind You Early

Everybody has things they would rather just not have to do. It could be issuing payments for supplies and services, or routine bookkeeping chores. Whatever it is, tackle it early in your day and get it out of your way. I know I’ve had days where I put off the things I really didn’t enjoy doing to the point where I just postponed them until the next day. Of course, the next day they are still there so you can end up putting off until you have to play some catch-up, which makes it more unpleasant than ever.

Don’t let anticipation of boring or unpleasant (but necessary) tasks poison your attitude or affect your productivity and creativity. If you have to do it, and can’t hire it out, get it done first thing. You’ll be surprised how much better the rest of your day will go after you’re done.

Work with Laser Focus

In many home business environments, multitasking is necessary and cannot be avoided. What you have to watch out for is losing control and going off in too many directions trying to get too much done. This just ends up frustrating you and creates unnecessary stress and fatigue.

Try to work with a laser focus. If your business requires you to create and schedule regular blog posts, set aside a block of time just for creative writing and knock out a few of those. Get on a roll and stay on it. It is usually easier to accomplish more if you aren’t always switching from one type of task to another, and then back again. Multitask where you must, just try to focus on similar tasks in sessions where you can.

Go the Extra Yard

When you’ve finally reached the end of your business day, look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished, and perhaps make a few notes about what you need to do the next day. Then, when you would normally stop, try to do just one more task. Answer an email from a customer that you would normally do the next day. Pick something small that you can take off tomorrow’s list. Doing this can bring a surprising sense of added accomplishment, and little things like this can add up to big gains in production over time.

One last tip – take regular breaks throughout your day. If you’ve been writing for an hour, stop and take a quick walk. Go get some coffee. Do something to give your mind a break. This helps hold off fatigue and refreshes you so you can resume your work with a new vigor.

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