Don’t Let This Stop Your Success in Network Marketing

success in network marketing - pursue your dream!Success in network marketing is what you’re shooting for, otherwise why would you be in business?

There are different things that all come together to create success or failure in this industry.

Attitude…determination…commitment…all are critical. Network marketing is a simple business, but above all a business, and must be treated that way.

There are things that can distract you and hurt your chances for success in network marketing. They often show up disguised as something that will help you move ahead and make more money, but they only cause you to lose sight of your original goal – to build a substantial income with your business.

Here are a couple examples of distraction that are pretty common in MLM.

Trying to Recruit the World

Some people start a promising MLM business with the intention of focusing on their opportunity and building a nice income. They get off to an enthusiastic start, and present their business to a lot of people. Somewhere along the way, they get distracted and start thinking “what if I had something for these prospects who aren’t interested in my primary opportunity“?

So, they go about signing up for various other MLM opportunities and implement a rather awkward interpretation of “multiple streams of income”. This does not lead to success in network marketing. It leads to confusion and distraction. The end result is almost always making little or nothing from multiple deals instead of a large income from one primary business focus.

I knew a guy a few years ago who signed up for just about every hyped-up program that came along. His idea was to create massive multiple streams of income. He wanted to be the “go-to guy” for everyone’s home income opportunity needs. He failed miserably and passed up his pot of gold (a once in a lifetime opportunity) because he didn’t even recognize it, he was so distracted. You can read his story here: My Favorite MLM Junkie Story

Seeking Multiple Tiny Streams of Income

Another common distraction for network marketers, especially those who are trying to build a business online, is seeking to create many small streams of income hoping for everything to add up to a substantial payday. Problem is, diverting focus among too many projects results mostly in a few small income streams (at best) vs one large one.

I know people who work their network marketing business online, but also spend a lot of time on other Internet marketing projects. They might set up little affiliate sites to sell Clickbank products or whatever, do the latest “make money on Craigslist” gigs, you name it. Intentions are good, but it just doesn’t work out as hoped in most cases.

For true success in network marketing, choose an opportunity you feel good about, put on the blinders, and absolutely refuse to get distracted into other money making programs or schemes. There are SO many of these online now. They will sap your energy and time, and take you away from the fundamentals necessary to make the nice income you’re dreaming of in the first place.

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  1. Great post you got there! True that there are some network marketers didn’t turned out to be successful because they do not know how to make use some of their free time and they get distracted easily. Focus, determination and motivation is the key in running your network marketing business. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great post Eldon! I agree completely, too many people try to build more than one company at a time. I talked with one industry veteran who has built 3 companies to a 6 figure income and he said that you need to work 1 company, take it to 6 figures and then work another one. Once you get to 6 figures the income is perpetual. It’s far easier to juggle 1 ball than 3!

    Thanks Eldon!
    -David Englert

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