One Way to Eliminate Negative Thinking and Open Doors

As a home business entrepreneur, you want to eliminate negative thinking and make a success of your business. When you eliminate negative thinking, you open doors to greater possibilities in your home business, and in your life too! You know that a positive attitude is a must, and hopefully you do some reading or listening …Read More

Hang In There, Don’t Give Up!

Sometime you might reach a low point in life, or in your home business efforts, or both! Sometime, it seems so easy to just quit and give up. Things happen. We all make mistakes. We sometime procrastinate and don’t do what we should. But always remember, there is hope! One of my friends and business …Read More

50 Life Lessons by Regina Brett

It’s good to take a break sometime and reflect on life and appreciate wisdom that is shared by others. While waiting for my oil to be changed today, I noticed a sign on the wall. It was a list of “45 Lessons Life Taught Me“, by a lady named Regina Brett who is a columnist …Read More

Network Marketing Lessons From MLB Pitcher Jamie Moyer

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer is amazing. At 49, and coming off “Tommy John” surgery on his arm that wiped out his 2011 season, Jamie just become the oldest pitcher in major league baseball history to post a win. Now, what does this have to do with network marketing? Watch this short video. Listen to …Read More