The Amazing Power of Time

home business time managementI enjoyed watching a video tonight that was about a book titled The Last Lecture.

It is about a college professor named Randy Pausch who was dying of cancer. In the face of such adversity, Randy had the courage to present an inspiring last lecture titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” in front of an audience of 400 people at Carnegie Mellon University.

That day, Randy Pausch was energetic, cheerful, and full of life.

In his lecture, Randy brought out some points about time and doing the right things that are priceless and classic. For those of us in network marketing and everyone building a home business, carefully consider these thoughts as you develop your own plan for success.

You Can Always Change Your Plan

You can always change you plan, if….you have a plan. This is where many hopeful entrepreneurs fall short and fail to achieve what they are perfectly capable of achieving.

I just isn’t enough to think “I want to make an extra $20,000 this year with my home business”. You must have a plan to reach that goal.

You need a plan to have some organization for your efforts. You plan doesn’t have to be perfect up front. Very few are. The beautiful thing about planning is that it gives you direction and keeps you on the road to success. If you find that you made a wrong turn somewhere, you can always go back and turn the right way (change your plan).

Your Time Must Be Explicitly Managed

Many people are striving to build a home business around many obligations – a regular job, children, family, and a host of other responsibilities. It isn’t easy to do this! This is why it is so important to get a grip on your time, and how you spend the time you do have available for what you want to do.

Many people are surprised when they calculate how much time they spend on watching movies and other forms of relaxation and entertainment. There is nothing wrong with these things. You NEED time away from work (even building a business). Everyone needs to chill out once in a while.

The key is not letting it get out of hand. If you really want to build that home business income, you’ll have to sacrifice some time that you normally might spend relaxing. You have to consider your goals for your business, and your WHY. Giving up some entertainment now for financial and personal freedom later is not a bad trade off.

Spend Your Time Doing the Right Things

You can have all the time in the world, but if you spend it on the wrong things, it doesn’t really matter. This can happen when home business entrepreneurs become afflicted with a condition called over preparation.

Simply put, over preparation is the art of studying, planning, plotting, and visualizing all the great things you’re going to do to build your business, but that’s it. Nothing much happens. It’s a form of procrastination that doesn’t feel so bad, because you convince yourself that all your preparing is just getting you ready for the “big time”.

Don’t be deceived and trapped by over preparation. If you’re feeling hesitant or scared to start doing what you need to do, talk to somebody or just dive in and do something. Getting started is often the hardest part of energizing your home business – focus on doing that, even if you’re not sure you’re totally prepared yet.

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