Two Questions You Must Answer When Evaluating MLM Products

your mlm products are the heart and soul of your businessIf you’re looking at starting a MLM or network marketing business, there are lots of things to consider. What is the most important thing, the one key element of the opportunity that must “pass the test” before you move forward and look at other factors?

Your MLM products.

Your products are the heart and soul of your MLM business. I’m not discounting the importance of the compensation plan, nor any other considerations including the need to carefully select the right upline team to join with.

The fact is, without great products with true value, all the marketing, payouts, and other benefits of the opportunity mean little over the long term.

Let’s look at two things you need to seriously evaluate when choosing the right MLM business opportunity for you.

Is the value and effectiveness of the product(s) sufficient that you would purchase them if you were not interested in making money with them?

This is important, crucial, because if you don’t believe in your own products you will likely not be successful working a business that centers around them.

I sponsored a guy once who owned a profitable franchise offering marketing and promotional services to small business owners. He had enjoyed some success in network marketing, but hadn’t worked on building a business in a while. He came on board with great enthusiasm, but after a few months, he faded away and moved on to other things. He later confessed that the products, while very good,  just didn’t excite him. He didn’t have a passion for using the products, just a desire to make money with them. It didn’t work out for him.

Would you buy the MLM products if you didn’t get a distributor discount, and had to pay the full retail price?

A solid, balanced MLM business will have some retail customers. Not everyone introduced to your products will be interested in a business, but some will want to purchase the products anyway. If your products are priced so high at retail that you wouldn’t buy them, then it’s likely that most other people wouldn’t either.

While your focus in your business will normally be on sponsoring, there should be some retail activity (just spreading the word about your business will create easy retail sales opportunities). Consumer interest in your MLM products is important, so bear this in mind.

If  you are checking out a new business opportunity and the products don’t pass these two tests, I’d consider looking elsewhere. You want a business that has true long term potential, not one based around over hyped and unnecessarily expensive products that likely won’t pass the test of time. If the products don’t pass the test, the MLM business opportunity itself will be right behind.

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